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From Small to Big : 5 Things You Can Do for Mother Earth

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Tackling the climate crisis can seem daunting, but the onus is not all on your shoulders. This Earth Day, remember that you can start small, build habits and move towards something bigger. As they say, 'Everyday is Earth Day' so do not feel like you have to save the planet all in one day. We are trying to be here for a long time; start small and move towards bigger lasting habits! 

 This Earth Day, don't get overwhelmed! The team at Seea created an list of 5 things you can do that start small and move towards something bigger. 

earth day sustainability surf women tips for being eco-conscious recycle grey water reduce reuse

1. Go out and enjoy nature. Find your favorite park, open space, National Park, beach or forest and take time to celebrate it. The more we have respect for Mother Nature, the more we will choose to protect it. Share your favorite places with you friends and teach them how they can experience and conserve nature respectfully. Check out Leave no Trace to learn 7 ways to be respectful in nature. 

earth day tips for eco conscious living sustainability

2. Remember to sort your waste diligently! Beyond simply recycling, ensure that your waste is properly sorted, and that your recyclables are clean and dry. Thoroughly wash all recyclable items to prevent any food particles from contaminating the recycling stream. Remember, cardboard should remain free of any liquid or food residue, so avoid recycling pizza boxes soiled with grease. Additionally, refrain from crushing aluminum cans, as they can become difficult to separate and may inadvertently end up mixed with other materials. Since aluminum is infinitely recyclable, it's crucial to handle it correctly. Lastly, avoid placing your recyclables in garbage bags, as these are not recyclable themselves and can contaminate the recycling process. For more info, here is our blog post 'Does Recycling Actually Matter?'

earth day tips for eco conscious living sustainability

3. Collect and use grey water! Grey water is the leftover water collected from washing machines, showers, and sinks. Buy some buckets (for in the shower) or smaller containers (that fit in your sink) at your local hardware store and keep them in your sink and shower to collect the gray water. When the buckets are full, you can use the grey water to flush your toilet, water your garden, or wash your car. Don't let water go to waste!

earth day tips for eco conscious living sustainability

4. Try going vegetarian (or vegan)! Consider adopting a vegetarian diet to reduce your environmental footprint. Choosing plant-based meals helps mitigate deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and water pollution associated with animal agriculture. Plus, by going veggie you can help conserve biodiversity and preserves natural habitats. Many beef farms are in the Amazon and the forest and ecosystems are destroyed in order to make room for the farms. Also, reducing meat consumption can help conserve water resources. Eating vegetarian for just one day can save a significant amount of water. It's estimated that producing one pound of beef requires around 1,800 gallons of water, whereas producing one pound of vegetables typically requires a fraction of that amount. Embracing a plant-based diet, even for just one day, reduces your carbon footprint and promotes a healthier planet. Try it, you might even like what you're eating. Get inspired by finding some yummy recipes on Rainbow Plant Life.  

earth day tips for eco conscious living sustainability

5. Get politically engaged! While personal changes are important, the most significant transformations occur when we unite as a community. Tackling challenges collectively is key; we can't do it alone. It's crucial for governments and corporations to join in, implementing lasting solutions that benefit society as a whole. Begin by focusing on local initiatives! Discover groups and organizations active in your community. One local Souther California organization that Seea loves is Changing Tides Foundation. Changing Tides Foundation is a women-led organization focused on creating community in the water and solving global climate challenges. You can get involved with Changing Tides Foundation by donating, volunteering or joining a challenge. If you do not live in Southern California, do some research and find out what policy, organizations or political movements are activating in your community. At the very least, community organizing helps to strengthen connections, and contributes to thriving, resilient, and healthy communities, which ultimately has enduring positive ripple effects for people and the planet!

earth day tips for eco conscious living sustainability

Treat Earth Day like New Years; make resolutions that feel manageable, fun, and will eventually turn into habits. We do not want to overwhelm you by saying you have to do all of these things today. Instead, work you way up! Once you tackle one tip and it is a part of your everyday routine, move on to the next. Change happens over time, and we are in it for the long run!

Seea is eco-imperfect. For us, Earth Day reminds us why we strive to be environmentally conscious. It is an opportunity to celebrate our successes and evaluate how we can do better. We are all in this together! 

If you start any of these habits, tag us on Instagram @theseea and use the #myseealife.

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