Clean Your Act Up - Earth Day 2021

Clean Your Act Up - Earth Day 2021

The Ripple Effect | Sustainable swaps and rewarding ways to help heal the planet, in honor of Earth Day 2021 "Restore Our Earth."

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The Ripple Effect | Sustainable swaps and rewarding ways to help heal the planet, in honor of Earth Day 2021 "Restore Our Earth". 

Daily Deeds + Sustainable Swaps


Buy Local

Did you know that Seea produces our swimwear within 70 miles of San Clemente? Photo Nick LaVecchia
Shopping local is one of our favorite sustainability hacks—from food to clothes, the closer to home products are produced and used, the less carbon is created in transport. You'll also be supporting the local economy, and nurturing small local businesses means that you'll eventually have more neighborhood options to choose from!


Pay Attention To Plastic!

Reusable water bottles, reusable containers, bamboo toothbrushes, and earth friendly household cleaners; we're lucky to have a wealth of sustainable options at our fingertips, but fully eliminating plastics from our every day is tough for even the most active eco warrior. The Changing Tides Foundation is launching their annual Plastic Swear Jar Challenge to refocus our attention on the massive pollution of single-use plastics and remind us to be aware and solution-minded when it comes to our plastic habits. 


Watch Shelby + Swede break down how it works, and click here to join today!


Materials Matter

We're biased, of course, but we think sustainable materials are the way to go when it comes to fashion, both in and out of the water. When buying garments, swimwear, or wetsuits take a look at what they're made of (and where they come from).  


Recycled Seea Swimwear giving us more than one reason to smile! - Photo Lucrecia Okeefe
Here's a quick and dirty list of some or our favorite sustainable swimsuit and clothing materials to look out for: 
  • Organic cotton—but only the organic version! (Regular cotton is packed with pesticides and usually isn't grown sustainably.)
  • Linen
  • Hemp 
  • Bamboo 
  • Recycled nylon 
  • Tencel 
  • Yulex (Best Your Petroleum Wetsuit Today!)
Shop our Seea locally produced: Recycled Swimwear, Natural Yulex Wetsuits, and Sustainable Apparel Items!

Meatless Monday

Swapping out animal protein-centric meals for local legumes and vegetables can make a significant impact on our health and that of the planet. Let's break this down briefly:

"Animal agriculture is contributing at least 37% of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This farming contributes more GHG emissions than the fossil fuels burned to power all planes, cars, boats, trains, buses, and other vehicles."
This can happen any day of the week, or more than once! We've mixed and matched a lot of farmers market finds, but if you need a surefire way to convince your tribe, try this recipe for Cauliflower Shawarma With Green Tahini from Half Baked Harvest!


Regenerative Soil Health

If you haven't picked up on composting yet, here's a little homework to get you inspired! Soil health is a massive factor in maintaining our shared watershed, eliminating throw-away culture, and conserving biodiversity.


But you don't have to take our word for it; to learn more, take a peek at "Kiss the Ground," a documentary and 501(c)(3) nonprofit established to make a movement out of the scientific discovery that soil regeneration can be a solution to the climate, water, and food crises. Watch it on Netflix now!


Our love of the ocean has taught us many things—including the need for its preservation. That's why Seea has been dedicated to creating consciously crafted, locally produced, and sustainable swimwear from our very first surf suit!


From the very first Surfsuit. Founder, Amanda Chinchelli hand making garments from the garage where it all began. Photo Nick LaVecchia

Our professional mission is also a personal one, and we hope to inspire you all to join us in healing this planet we call home. 


"Yours is a grave and sobering responsibility, but it is also a shining opportunity. You go out into a world where mankind is challenged, as it has never been challenged before, to prove its maturity and its mastery — not of nature, but of itself." - Rachel Carson

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