Eco-Friendly Surfers : Your Conscious & Sustainable Lifestyle List!

Eco-Friendly Surfers : Your Conscious & Sustainable Lifestyle List!

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For our 2022 Yulex Earth Day Giveaway, we asked for a roundup of your favorite conscious / eco-friendly practices. Everything from large-scale decisions to daily practices were fair game, and the results were (not-surprisingly) SO INCREDIBLE, our entire staff had trouble picking just one favorite response! We decided to publicly publish some of favorites - and offer a discount code to the authors of the listed responses below. The winner of our giveaway is taking home a full set of our 2022 Yulex Collection: Sydney Long Jane, Haze Jacket, and Palisades Shorts in Elisya. 
Be sure to remember that there are many other amazing answers waiting for you in the full comment thread that can be found here.

A super special and heartfelt thank you to everyone who submitted responses. We can honestly say that every submission was inspiring and thoughtful - and we will be implementing some of these practices in our personal and company spaces as well. Thank you! 


  • Believing in and supporting our local waterkeeper and others who protect this sweet sweet land, earth and air, in daunting places like courtrooms... all the while keeping us informed and empowered. They're incredible! || kbtini - Winner of our '22 Earth Day Giveaway 
    Kate's local waterkeeper is Charleston Waterkeeper You can find out more about the important work Waterkeepers do, and discover your own local group via the Waterkeeper Alliance -- protecting more than 2.75 million square miles of rivers, lakes, and coastal waterways on six continents. 


    • I'm studying sustainability in university and I’m continually learning about making better choices in my own life, and how I can make an impact on a larger scale. My favorite everyday practices- composting, and being extremely conscious of where and how I spend my money our economy is a huge driver for a more sustainable world! On a larger scale- voting, signing petitions, getting involved with my local city government. || hanna_bobst 


    • When I’m waiting for the hot water to heat up in the shower I collect it in a bucket and water my plants with it. || juggling.joneses 


    • All these comments have given me so many new ideas wow 🥰 I’m presently learning to mend tears/holes in fabric by darning! I love all the recycled and more sustainable fabrics I’m seeing on the market but I also learned that fabrics aren’t infinitely recyclable like other materials. Finding ways to keep what I have as long as possible has been a new goal of mine, plus darning is funky and fun lookin 💖 || kaypocalypse



    • These buns of steel are on the bidet program, and they ain’t ever going back! || neecoldd


      • Using soap nuts instead of regular detergent to reduce harsh toxic chemicals from leaching into the water systems!! I love Planet Ocean!!!! || kenz_schmidt


      • 90% of my clothes come from bi-monthly clothing exchanges with friends- not only do I get to hang with my fave people and meet new ones, I know I am contributing less to our landfills due to our fast fashion craze. || tshistoryteach 


      • Using our small suburban block to grow a food forest and then sharing the produce with neighbours and friends. Also making sure to try and buy sustainably and only what we need. Then use everything to the full extent of its life - repairing and fixing the items to make them last as long as possible. I also try to purchase natural products and fibres as much as I can so they can be composted or put into the worm farm when they are finally at the end of their life! || free2beyoga


      • If it’s broke - FIX IT! Don’t throw it away and get a new one (whatever “it” is…). Go on YouTube and watch a tutorial on how to fix just about ANY broken thing. As we in the surfing world know - a ding ain’t nothin but a thing! Patch er’ up and LET IT RIP! || 2leda


      • Buying used surfboards!! Sometimes I wish I had something custom, but used surfboards have so much character. Buying secondhand gives me the opportunity to try lots of styles and meet lots of people! || bre_izzle


      • My favorite eco-conscious practice right now is walking places. This year I started waking to the grocery store, workout classes, the beach, etc and it's just insane to me how much I've missed out on in the little moments. It's such an easy way to help the planet and is very grounding to me personally just to simply walk outside and be || itsabigailgray 


      • One of the first things I ever did is raise my awareness over my plastic consumption by minimizing and tracking it for a month. 30 days later I decided to keep going. A year in I was done! It was time to fully commit and cut out single use plastic for good. But not only that - all plastic! I was zero waste for a total of three years. Today my passion has turned into the career of my dreams consulting companies to be more sustainable. I balance my life and my choices. For example I consciously decide to bike and leave the car behind any chance I get, I shop local from farmers committed to regenerative ag and stores that carry sustainable brands. I spend lots of time and thought not just on who I buy from but if I REALLY need it (and if so - can I get it used), I actively engage in building local community, where we share what we have with each other - from tools to clothing to camping gear. One of my greatest joys is to see my friends wear and love the pieces I simply didn't anymore. Sharing and consuming mindfully are some of the key ingredients to a sustainable existence. While I do a lot today the most important take away is this: It all started with one little practice to watch my plastic consumption. Small changes can create mega waves of change when we stay with it. || corinnabernasko


      • I go to the bulk section first with my reusable muslin bags. I put everything in them, flour, sugar, dried dates, lentils as well as fresh produce. It has reduced the amount of my packaging and food waste dramatically. Everyone at checkout always think they are the cutest little bags as well. Lol. || kateyoko


      • * Self care: make my own deo, body butter, tooth powder and clothing: buy what I really need, second hand when possible, sell clothes I don't need to friends or donate them to people in need. Also sharing clothes between friends * Food: eat mostly plant based, grow some herbs and veggies, if I eat animals (fish) I make sure I know where it comes from and mostly try to buy locally and support local costal communities of Ecuador * Plastic use: Take my water bottle, utensils, straw, upcycled glass jar everywhere - glass jar serves as coffee cup, smoothies, salads * Educate people around me. My favourite thing to do! Showing friends how to take small daily actions that will reduce our enviro footprint and also talking about climate related issues so more ppl know about this and want to be part of the change. These actions are not always perfect and I make some mistakes every now and then, but I always learn from them and I know I still have a looong way to go. Reducing our environmental footprint is a never ending journey, there's so much to still learn. || annnniborges



      • These are some fantastic ideas!! We put a greenhouse/solar heat collector on our house a few years ago. The glass is old recycled sliders, and the posts are recycled telephone poles. The glass is set at 60 degrees to reflect the sun in the summer and pull in the max amount of heat in the winter. We get a lot of condensation, so we mounted gutters underneath and grow winter greens and other plants in the gutters that get watered from the condensation! I love it all! Saves energy and feeds my soul and the earth and my family! And sometimes feeds my daughters pet bunny when I loose track of things and it gets overgrown;) || mocean3000


      • Spicing up our backyard compost with so many veggies, coffee grinds, and more. It gives grubs to the birds, will often reproduce root vegetables (like potatoes and beets) and for the first time we replanted them in our garden beds!! Potatoes are still coming along but the beet grew into probably the largest beet I've ever seen. Regenerating our food waste into new life. || luciarama 


      • Love this, and you guys raising awareness. If you take 20 mins out of your day to learn about a Circular Economy and take loads of those principles and adopt them into your life, you can go along way to helping reduce GHG. Waste to landfill accounts for 2.7% of the world's GHG. As humans we put 2.12billion tonnes into landfill annually! By reducing what we buy, but reusing, repairing and repurposing ours or other peoples stuff, by spending time researching what you can recycle in your area you live, by composting, if you live in Australia- collect your soft plastics and take them to Cole's and Woolies, teaching your kids to love nature and pick up after themselves and always practice "take 3 for the sea". Gift plants not flowers. And for charities- be really aware of where you are sending your money - so many of these huge charities don't actually do any good and cause harm, smaller charities run by passionate people who are on the ground making real change in peoples lives - choose them. Last one: be aware that stormwater runs in to drains, drains into rivers into oceans, or directly to the ocean. Cars leaking aircon fluids and oils, cleaning your car on the paved driveway, litter, washing paint brushes in the wrong taps - all ensure contamination of our ocean take little educated steps to reducing your environmental footprint. || kimbohorwood  


      We are grateful for this education in tides of change as we continue to forge paths (and learn from one another) in better ways to care for our beautiful oceans and earth. As a company, we recognize that growth is never linear, so we're trusting the process and embracing the ebb and flow, while leaning into responses and requests from our female surf community. We are working hard to bring the supply chain back into balance with the planet by intentionally selecting better materials, like Yulex, that offer more sustainable solutions for surfers without compromising on function. 

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