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Reflections from a Surf Trip in Mexico

Join the Seea team on their winter trip to Mexico! Learn about their favorite moments, what it takes to be a good team member, and where they get their sources of creativity.
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photos by Cara Bram

Last winter, the Seea team embarked on an adventure to warmer waters and waves, venturing south to Mexico. Mele Saili, Eva Levy, Naomi Tialavea, and Cara Bram eagerly joined forces with Alex Patrick of Higher Latitude Films, igniting a fusion of creativity for a collaborative film project. With Cara and Alex orchestrating behind the camera and Mele, Eva, and Naomi gracefully riding the waves, the team delved into Mexico's shores, absorbing insights from locals and surfing the wonders that awaited.

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The resulting film and photographs serve as a testament to trust, respect, creativity, and teamwork. While surf trips often appear idyllic from afar—perfect waves, picturesque shots, sandy beaches, and tantalizing cuisine—the reality behind the scenes is a tapestry woven with love, care, and collaboration. This team exemplified the essence of collective greatness, with Mele's vision uniting them, Eva and Naomi composing evocative music, Cara capturing the moment in vibrant stills, and Alex immortalizing the team's elegance and spirit on film.

Now, several months post-adventure, we had the privilege to sit down with these remarkable women and delve into the emotions and efforts behind capturing such breathtaking moments. Join us as we reflect on their unforgettable surf trip in Mexico.

women surfing surf beach swimsuit Mexico surf trip walk longboard
 {Mele, Eva, and Naomi walking along the beach in Mexico}

Reflections from Mexico 

What was your favorite moment or memory from the trip?

Eva Levy: Favorite memory had to be the initial boat ride to the town about 20-30 minutes from the boat depot. Just the feeling of relief that washed over all of us once we realized our day of travel had come to an end, and we would soon be reaching our destination. The sunset lit up for us the entire boat ride almost as if it was forecasting the firey energy we would experience on this trip! Just being with inspirational women who carry themselves with such confidence truly made the entire trip so much more memorable for me!

boat trip Mexico sun women surf water surf board longboard swimsuit blue
{Naomi relaxing on the boat on the way to the break.}

Naomi Tialavea: Meeting our favorite stray dog Winkie (we made the name up because he had one eye). Even though he could be a bad boy, he rolled with us and became our lil buddy while we romped around the village. Also, playing cards with all the girls and Alex! That was super fun with lots of laughs, and it was a good way of getting to know everyone.

dog beach Mexico walk longboard photoshoot white one piece
 {Eva and Winkie the dog (left). The team walking down the beach getting ready to shoot (right)}

Mele Saili: Sharing laughs and playing cards on the beach, waiting for the waves to get better!

Cara Bram: One standout memory was shooting while watching the talented ladies (Eva, Mele, Naomi) surf beautiful left waves all to themselves. It was a moment of sheer beauty and grace, both in the skill of the surfers and the backdrop of the ocean.

What makes a good team?

women surfing swimsuit Mexico surf trip bikini one piece Eva Levy:  To me, a good team looks like people being able to adapt to any challenges thrown at them, people who can communicate with each other in a respectful and positive manner, and reciprocate mutual respect for each other's opinions.

Naomi Tialavea:  Being around easy-going, adventurous, and open-minded people. Everyone was really open and wanted to enjoy themselves in new environments.

surf longboard women Mexico surf trip one piece swimsuit colorful blue
{Mele long boarding in perfect light!}

Mele Saili: Establish a specific goal while leaving opportunities for each individual to contribute and expand upon it.

Cara Bram: In my experience, vulnerability is the cornerstone of a strong team. When team members feel safe to express themselves and share their ideas openly, it fosters trust and collaboration. This openness leads to better communication, creativity, and ultimately, success.

What does your creative process look like in and out of the water?

Eva Levy: Weeks before this trip, I went through the process of deciding which suits we would bring and which girl would be wearing which suit. Once we arrived, we scouted the best places to shoot in town. This forethought and preparation helped the surfing and shooting go way smoother.

surf longboard Mexico sunset women surf suit black white
{Eva surfing during sunset in Mexico.}

Naomi Tialavea: Connecting with others and finding a thread that bonds each other always intersects with what can be created out of connection and experience. The beauty of creating something with others is a different kind of process than just being with yourself and creating. Music, especially, can be so personal and when you are making it with others and also around another person’s vision it is exciting and also scary because you are trying to find a place where everyone feels heard and seen. I am always coming from the dark and trying to find something new but also something that has always been there inside of me that needs to get out.

Mele Saili: Seek out inspiration and begin creating or doing, even if you're uncertain where to begin. As you explore, embrace what resonates with you and dive deeper into it!

surf longboard Mexico women surf trip bikini vintage green
{Naomi finding the nose of her board}

Cara Bram: In the water, creativity flows effortlessly as I capture the natural beauty and strength of the surfing ladies. The images speak for themselves, showcasing their talent and their mesmerizing dance with the waves. Outside the water, I drew inspiration from Mexico's vibrant surroundings—colorful walls, lush plants, and golden sunlight. Every corner offers a new opportunity for an impromptu photoshoot, and the radiant Mexican sun adds a magical glow to both the photos and the surfers. 

women surf trip colorful longboard Mexico bikini rash guard one piece

The beauty and grace of this awesome team reflects in their work. Watch them surf and explore the rich Mexican coast and culture. Check out the It's Always Summer Somewhere page  and the video and see what this wonderful team created! 

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