Introducing The Macarena | Makala Smith x Seea Signature Suit

Introducing The Macarena | Makala Smith x Seea Signature Suit

Makala Smith is synonymous with a signature style, both in and out of the water!  Meet her new signature suit the Macarena. 
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Makala Smith is synonymous with a signature style, both in and out of the water, and this throwback sensation is no exception! We caught up with Makala to see what she's been up to over these past few years and the inspiration behind her new signature suit! 


Hi Makala, let's dive right in! This one-piece is a throwback sensation. Was there any particular spark of inspiration as you + Amanda were designing this suit?

One thing Amanda and I love to do together is hunt. Whether it's at local shops or going to antique, flee, or curated markets for inspiration. While on one particular hunt, we found a piece that sparked the inspiration for the “Macarena.” Enamored with the original essence of this gem of a find, we decided to incorporate a modern twist and our signature colorful textiles which  resulted in creating the beautiful Macarena.

You've had a long love affair with vintage clothing, and we even caught up with you at the Re-Do market in Dana point a few weeks back! So where are your favorite digging spots for pre-loved and "new to you" goods?

Some secrets can never be told.

Is there any curated accounts we can follow or stay updated for your next curated vintage booth / or sale?

Im working on launching my own instagram page in the near future, @stylesistaa 

But for now my good friend Gabriella Kohr has created a platform of a mix of curated items, some in which are mine, @dekohrstudio

You've always had a certain confidence in your surfing and sense of style. Can you attribute that to anything in your life?  Upbringing, community, sources of inspiration, etc. . . 

Growing up in Dana Point, I have witnessed first hand in the community the generations of influential people around me. A long list of professional surfers, musicians, and artists have lived here and are a big part of the community, allowing for me to learn, listen and feel inspired by them.


What do you look for in a surf-ready suit, and do you have any other favorite Seea styles?

A surf ready suit to me has to have two major key components. Functionality and Fun.  Nothing better to me than having a bright or unique suit in the water.  Some of my other favorite styles include, the ginger, the Vega, Lulu boardshorts, anything with a fun pattern as well!


It's been a bit of an off-year/ years. How has your traveling and surfing been affected during the pandemic?

I started traveling for surfing at a young age, mostly domestic travel here in the US for surf competitions. Once I graduated high school it was time to go international, 
Since then it's been pretty non stop. Needless to say, because of the pandemic, it's been the longest I've been home for a consecutive amount of time since I was in High School.

Life’s been a bit of a rollercoaster but it has been wonderful to take a step back and enjoy the beauty of my own backyard and country. Happy to say that having a wonderful neighboring country nearby has been my saving grace. ¡Viva mexico!

Can we still order your signature Hobie model?!

Yes! It's the “Harmony”! It's a very well rounded longboard for all levels of surfing. The combination of balanced foil and flat bottom with the 50/50 rail creates a stable predictable ride for all. 

I also have the “floppy disk model”  which is a modern take of a 70s single fin, if ya got the need for speed!

Who are your style gurus?  In and out of the water?

There's an undeniable theatrical element to dressing; It's a chance to express yourself, whether it's in or out of the water to me. It's kind of  an escape. David Bowie is a huge style icon to me!


What's left on your list for a Dream Surf Trip Destination?

The Mentawais, Fiji I haven't explored much of that part of the world… yet.


Any words of wisdom or advice for female surfers around the globe?

Have fun! When I was a grom I would get alot of hazing being one of the only girls in the water, and some things were very hurtful. Just remember to not let it get you down, use that energy to shred harder.


Anything exciting/new on the horizon?

Stay Tuned for more colorways of the “Macarena."  Coming this year!

 Learn More About Makala Here!

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