Funboarding With Leah Dawson

Funboarding With Leah Dawson

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Leah's surf everything mindset, visually translated in Funboarding on film.  A language all her own, surfing with the wave, not on one.

While many might find it challenging to sail through such a diverse quiver, it’s also a testament to the style and grace Leah brings to the water.  Each single fin, bonzer, or hybrid shape offer a new sensation of trim and rail work, and produce different levels of speed.

We asked Leah what draws her to such diverse boards.

For me, boards and fins represent infinite in surfing. The element of the ‘art piece’ that becomes our vehicle is unique to surfing, it’s the perfect blend of creativity, science, and exploration in sport. 

Riding different boards keeps surfing new and fresh because there’s always something to adapt to, and to lend an entirely new feeling to riding waves. 

I grew up in Florida where riding bigger boards were a must if you wanted to surf all the time because the waves were often minuscule. This led me to a love of boards of all sizes, and therefore opened a lifetime of exploration for the variances one can experience with board shape, rail shape, tail shape, fin shape, and on and on.  - Leah Dawson

Watch this signature celebration of momentum, flexibility, and intuition…
and most importantly, having fun!
Requiring an open mind for the sweet spot on each board, dancing on the deck depending on the part of the wave you land on.  This edit is a moving conversation between design and innovation, a quiver celebrating diverse shapes and styles.
Want to meet the fun makers?  Explore Leah's quiver below!


Shaped By: Alex Lopez

Board Breakdown: A big Twin fin,  big fish swallow tail, retro down rail, a board alex made for my friend Jordan. The video clip was my first and only wave on it, it works! 6’4” rounded nose.


Shaped By: Alex Lopez

Board Breakdown: 6.25” glass on single fin, diamond tail pin, old school single-fin down rail, with custom art by Thomas Campbell.  6’4", just under 19… Alex hand shapes everything so no liters available, and he keeps his dimensions to himself in a booklet ;)


Shaped By: Alex Lopez

Board Breakdown: 5’7" old school shortboard inspired by a shortboard Donald TAKAYAMA made me for hawaii.  With a winged swallow tail, slight down-rail, thicker than standard shortboards allows the board to ride bigger waves. 


Shaped By: 88 Surfboards

Board Breakdown: Stock 7’ soft top, finless freedom!  These are high quality soft tops built for performance. 


Shaped By:  Alex Lopez

Board Breakdown: 8’0 Single Fin, wide point forward, pin tail, slight down-rail, with most of the foam through the chest and nose for early entry.  Riding with a 8.25" flex fin, pulled in pintail, this board is meant to be a wave catcher with great maneuverability off the tail. 



Shaped By: Alex Lopez

Type Of Board: Alex’s take on an egg, 7’4", wide point forward with a pulled in pintail.   The deck is quite flat with a slight kick in the nose, tapered down rail, and sharp edges through the tail. Great for paddling and riding waves 1ft-10ft, riding a 8.25" flex fin.


Filming: Jack Coleman

Surfing + Edit: Leah Dawson

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