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Makala Smith - Wild Card

Posted by Rhea Cortado on

Makala Smith 

If only we could bottle Makala Smith’s particular flavor of stoke and gain a zap of her electric superpowers. Whether it’s charging bombs at the Point at SanO, trimming in little ankle biters, or wiping out with panache, her carefree attitude can uplift and unwind the most uptight of personalities.

She’s our favorite wild card that will drop everything to go on a last minute surf strike mission — like that time she went with us across the border to chase swell, and then again when she bought a ticket and was paddling out with us in Sayulita, Mexico within 24 hours.

A fellow retro style junkie, Makala used to wear vintage swimsuits in the water — despite the non-stretch fabrics with too-big bullet bras and too-tiny waists. That’s dedication. Thankfully she doesn’t sacrifice comfort any longer and you’ll most often see her in her own Makala Bikini. 

Makala grew up in a creative surf family in Dana Point, California, where her summer vacation routine was to play in the waves and sand from breakfast to dinnertime. In her world, the beach is not a place — it’s a lifestyle.

Lives in: Dana Point, California

Home Breaks: Doheny, SanO, Churches

Seea Quiver: The Calafia leggings! My first suit was a Riviera One-Piece and it fit like it was made for me.”

Passions: “I have a passion for vintage clothing and swimwear — collecting buying selling and trading it! When I’m not surfing I love to spend time with my friends listening to music and taking my van on camping trips.”

Surf Rituals: “My daily surf routine is to wake up get a cup of coffee, some toast and fruit, like a banana. Drive down Golden Lantern St. and do a drive by on the Doheny jetty. Then usually pick up all my babes on the way to SanO. Depending on the swell and how it looks when you come off the freeway we either surf Four Doors and The Point or do the walk to Church. Kim Hamrock, a legend in women surfing, taught Hallie, Lola Mignot and I this routine that she does before surfing also known as a type tai chi. It involves stretching and meditation to find the energy. It's so awesome.” 

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