Women Led Wednesday : More Than Just a Day to Shop Women-Led Brands

Women Led Wednesday : More Than Just a Day to Shop Women-Led Brands


We are proudly women-led. Read what supporting women-led businesses means to us and why it's important this holiday shopping season (and all year!). 

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{Our incredible team of Seea Women - minus a few faces! From top to bottom, left to right: Sabina, Amanda, Peachie, Rhea, Sonja, Tutti, Emma, Sydney, Serena, Eva, Desiree, Stephanie. Not pictured: Rivers, Michelle, Cam, and Alisa} 


Did you know that despite modest progress made over the years, women still face glaring disadvantages in the workplace?

According to Facts and Figures: Economic Empowerment from UN Women,  globally, women remain less likely to participate in the labor market than men, are more likely to be unemployed than men, are generally paid less than men, are over-represented in vulnerable and informal employment, and are underrepresented in leadership positions.

In times of crises, these disparities are amplified and the Covid-19 pandemic was no exception; women globally took a greater economic toll than men and continue to shoulder that burden.

In the United States , theU.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that, 

"Both men and women suffered a 3% drop in labor force participation at the height of the pandemic. But more than two years later, men have returned to work at a higher rate than women. Today, women’s labor force participation is still a full percentage point lower than it was pre-pandemic, meaning an estimated one million women are missing from the labor force."

We need large scale changes through legislation and the implementation of social safety nets that help bolster the participation and advancement of women in the workplace, and help reduce gender inequalities.

But, in the meantime, rising tides lift all ships and at the community level we have the power to come together to support and uplift one another every day!  It's incredible the change and progress we can make if we all work toward a common goal together.

Women Led Wednesday 

One way to do this is to make the conscious choice to shop with and support women-led businesses and entrepreneurs. 

First launched in 2018 in efforts to support and empower female leadership and work towards a more gender-balanced economic landscape, Women Led Wednesday encourages people to shop women led during the holidays, and all year round. 

Not sure how to shop women-led?

The Women Led Wednesday  brand directory makes it easy to shop a variety of women-owned and women-led brands. From beauty to beverage brands and everything in between, their directory offers a wide range of categories. 

 We know firsthand the importance of supporting women-led businesses, because we are one! 

Some of our team members put to words their thoughts on supporting women, the value of working for or supporting a women-led brand, and what this brands represents to them! 

Peachie Keith

Junior Graphic Designer and Project Producer

When I paddle out at my local spot and see more girls than the day before, I just feel excitement for the future! When I see ladies in the water, I can’t help but think of all the thoughtful solutions towards ocean conservation, personal expression and overall goodness that they can bring. Having more girls and women feeling included in the surf space is a really good thing for our world at large. At Seea, a core tenant of our business has been voicing the perspectives of women surfers and creating spaces for them to shine. When more women feel included in their recreational space and in their happy place (the ocean), they may feel more confident and empowered in other parts of their lives. 

 Michelle Bandach

Senior Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager

I love being surrounded by creative and inspiring ladies - there's nothing more fulfilling to me than to feel like I am part of a bigger heartbeat of collective women. It brings meaning to me as an artist, a sister, a partner, and as a member of my community. To support women-led companies like Seea is an investment in progressive workspaces that uphold and honor women. "Women-owned and operated" is more than a title - it's a visible pathway to transforming and empowering the female workforce. 


Emma Crosbie

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Traditionally, women have not had equal opportunity to pursue their passions and interests. We definitely have it better than we did before, but there is still a long way to go. To make up for countless years of time where we had barriers to achieving our goals, we have to support one another. We bring an entirely new perspective. Kindness and compassion are a compounding force. 


Stephanie Villano

Director of Marketing

I think, collectively, women will lead us all toward a more equitable and inclusive future. One that supports and uplifts everyone - encouraging community rather than competition. 

I'm reminded of this whenever I surf and happen to be out in the water with a number of women and girls. In my experience it's typically a more supportive, fun, and pleasant lineup! 

This example is, of course, a very small microcosm of how women, more broadly, influence and empower their communities by lifting each other up. But I think it's worth illustrating as an example of the countless ways women are able to positively influence the spaces they move, play, and work within.

Not only has Seea inspired me in the way the brand has carved out their space for women in surf, amplifying our voices and viewpoints in a traditionally male-dominated sport, but has also given me the opportunity to work alongside other creative, passionate, hard working women.  It gives me great satisfaction to support the women on my team - it's a job I take very seriously -not only because it's my job!  - but because I know how important it is for young women early on in their careers to have solid support and guidance.  We are all standing on the shoulders of the women who came before us and I show my gratitude to them by paying it forward in my own small way. 


Sabina Sauce

Technical Designer / Product Development

Many years ago, when I was a lot younger than I am now... I DREAMED of working at Seea! Somehow I made it here and I’m part of this amazing team of women that inspire me in and out of the water, it fully exceeded my expectations. 

Alisa Prestie

Human Resources

I've been surfing for over 20 years. When I first started, women were still few and far between in the line up...Surfing never felt like a culture or lifestyle for women, it always just felt like a sport, an afterthought...
When Seea suits began emerging in the line up at SanO along with a proliferation of women, I was amazed and thrilled at the thought of wearing something beautiful while surfing. Of wearing something that matched my mood, my flow, my dance of surfing.  Surfing for me isn't just a sport or a way to go out and get some exercise - surfing is how I meditate, decompress, get right with the world - it's my art form, my expression of self.  Seea opened the door to feminine form and function in the water.
I'm not ashamed to admit that when I first met Amanda, I teared up. I'm not an overly emotional person but surfing truly is my life and meeting the woman who enhanced my experience in the water exponentially was frankly, profound.  It's one thing to be able to put beauty out into the world in the form of a swim suit or a surf suit, but it's another to think about all of the power and mindfulness behind the Seea creations - sustainability, empowerment and shared joy of being on the water. 


With the support of one another, we can do anything.
Thanks for supporting Seea and other women-led brands!



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