Eco-Imperfect: The Martinique is Back and It Might Surprise You

Eco-Imperfect: The Martinique is Back and It Might Surprise You

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We'd like to reintroduce you to the Martinique, a Seea women's surf suit favorite we originally launched in 2014.

This sleek one piece is a nod to the racing swimsuits that legendary surfer ladies wore back in the day. With updates like the stylish side cut-outs and sweet little tied back detail, this suit is modern, yet timeless, and provides a bit of extra core warmth in our deadstock neoprene. 

{The Martinique} 


Neoprene played a pivotal role in surf history, enabling people in cold-water climates to ride waves once thought too cold to enjoy.

Despite the incredible progress made possible by advancements in neoprene technology, we know that its environmental implications are far less positive, so we made the switch to Yulex in 2018.

We walked away from conventional neoprene for reason, but as with all of our decisions, the choice to cut the Martinique surf suit from neoprene was a carefully considered one.

Consciously Repurposed : Breathing new life into materials we already have

Often times, the best thing we can do for the planet is use or repair what we already have instead of discarding or buying new.

This rings true on an individual scale by the choices we make in our lives day-to-day. For example, shopping for secondhand clothing is the most sustainable option - even more so than buying a new garment made from the most eco-friendly materials.

But it also applies to brands like Seea.

This Martinique is made from deadstock neoprene, which means it was made from leftover fabric.

Because petroleum-based neoprene is a non-biodegradable material, repurposing / repairing / or donating are truly the only options for keeping it from the landfill. So we chose the option to repurpose!

We've been carefully storing sheets of neoprene leftover from our last production run before switching to plant based rubber. After years in storage, we finally decided it was time to breathe new life into this material, so instead of allowing it to go to waste, we made the collective decision to repurpose it in a thoughtful way.

Since resources were already used to make this material, it felt only right to give it the purpose it was intended for, which is helping you to feel confident and stylish in the water!

{The ever-so-stylish Lola Mignot wears the original Martinique on a Seea trip to Sayulita, Mexico in 2014. Photo by Nick Lavecchia }

We're always striving to improve to better align our products and processes with our visions and values , but it's a complicated journey that requires complicated decisions.

We're an eco-imperfect brand

While we know truly "sustainable" garment production is not attainable, we DO strive for consistent learning, evolution, and improvement.  Our commitment is to make women's surf wear that is as functional as it is beautiful - made with the consideration of people and the planet. We will always be transparent, especially when facing decisions that seem against-the-grain.
We've halting our dependency neoprene for the planet - but we also acknowledge the waste of the unused sheets we have on hand. Our eco-imperfect compromise is offering the Martinique with a waste-free approach that we hope sparks inspiration!

With proper care you can extend the life of your suit and keep it out of the landfill. 

With proper care, this Martinique will accompany you on many, many surfs.  You can extend the life of this suit by repairing any holes or busted seams. 
Not too keen on repairing your suit yourself?
Seek the help of an expert!

Our friends at Stitchbox Wetsuit Repair are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the art of mending and repairing all types of wetsuits.  From Yulex, to limestone-based rubber, to conventional neoprene they fix it all.

Simply find a drop off location near you and your suit will make its way to their workshop in Ventura. Once repaired it will be returned to you restored and good-as-knew. Bonus: they use Yulex sheets in their repairs, so you can feel good that your suit is being repaired with care, from Earth-friendly materials. 

 Our path to living in a way that is gentler on the planet is not always a linear. There are bumps and detours along the way. Thank you for coming along!
Shop the Martinique and other surfsuits here.


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