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Get Inspired: Listen to Seea Founder, Amanda, On the Second Breakfast Podcast

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“It was really kind of an organic question, does the universe want me to do this? I'm going to be open to try it out, not be afraid of failing, doing it very small, but courageously.” -Amanda Chinchelli, founder and designer at Seea (San Clemente, California) speaking about starting her women’s surf business on the Second Breakfast podcast by Surf with Amigas.

Episode: The Story of Seea: A Women's Surf Fashion and Culture Revolution


Sewing Swim Suit Surf

Amanda Chinchelli sews the first prototype of a surf suit in her garage in San Clemente, CA in 2011.
Photo Nick LaVecchia

Telling our Seea story and sharing the purpose behind our brand is something that Seea has always found important. When you wear Seea, you are wearing our history and the people behind our brand. We do not just make swimwear because it looks cool (which we believe ours does!), we make it because we want to create community and share the water. 

Seea Women Surf Suit

One of Seea's team riders Mele Saili in the Hermosa.
Photo by Mark Tesi

Our founder and designer Amanda Chinchelli sat down on Second Breakfast podcast with Holly Beck from Surf with Amigas to talk about just that. Who is Seea, and why do we care about all of you, the planet, and making surf wear that has a purpose. 

Amanda started Seea more than 10 years ago because just like many of you, she was in need of a swimsuit for her surf trip to Costa Rica that looked cool and performed well, and that’s exactly what she did. She made the surf suit, and Seea was born. 

Women Surfing

Amanda surfing in California.
Photo by Connor Eck
Amanda built Seea from the ground up. It has been a beautiful process, not without bumps, but every day is worth it, so that we can create a community of united surf sisters and make products that we truly believe in. 


women surfing together

Surfing with friends.
Photo by Filippo Maffei

In this episode on the Surf With Amigas podcast,  Amanda and Holly discuss everything from how Amanda started surfing in Italy, moving to San Clemente, the start of Seea, beauty expectations, the growth of the business while still staying true to Seea’s roots, Seea’s community, being a working mom, and sustainability. 

Surf with amigas

Jackie and Holly together in Seea. 

We are so thankful for all of you, our customers, surf sister, and friends in the line up. Community is everything, and Seea is so thankful for you support. 

“I think it's a gift. I can create something that's a passion for me, so I'm going to do something that I love.” -Amanda Chinchelli

women surfing together

Surfing with the Seea team in California.
By Connor Eck 
We hope that you enjoy learning a little bit more about Amanda and Seea. Listen to our Seea podcast on Second Breakfast with Surf with Amigas HERE.
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surf suit

Mele Saili surfing.
Photo by Filippo Maffei

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