How to Pack Your Surfboard Bag

How to Pack Your Surfboard Bag

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No one wants to start their spring break on a low note, and there is nothing worse than arriving at your destination just to find that baggage claim dinged and damaged your surfboard. Fear not and let go of your pre-flight anxiety because the Seea warehouse girls have you and your surfboard covered this spring break surf trip! Also, check out our Surf Trip Essentials collection to find everything you'll need for your spring break surf trip!

Surf girl pink one piece swimsuit How to pack you surf board bag{Rosie Jaffurs shredding on her last surf trip in the Tofino in Nia. Photo by Lost Not Found Mag}

Before we get started, here are a few things to remember:

Pack your board bag tightly. This prevents your board from moving around and getting damaged.

Check “length maximums” for baggage on your flight or train. If you’re taking a longboard make sure that the airline will accept your board. Nothing is worse than showing up at the airport and not being able to check your bag.

Pack light. This will hopefully stop the people at the airport from having to throw your bag as aggressively. You can also leave a little note on the outside of your board bag saying ‘Fragile, Please be careful! Thank you :).'

Bring Roof Straps. You will need two roof straps to attach your board to the roof of a car or taxi. 


Pack Essentials. Check out our Surf Trip Essentials collection for everything you'll need for your spring break surf trip! 

Now that we have that covered, watch the short video below and follow along with step-by-step instructions to find out how to pack your surfboard! Don’t be afraid to ask for some help. Packing your surfboard is easier with some extra hands! 

What you will need Get Packing!
  1. Gather all your equipment! Swimsuits, surf suits, rashguard, changing towels, surfboard, leash, fin, other clothing, etc. Here Rosie Jaffurs wears the Gaviotas in Pebble shot by Mike Ito. The Gaviotas is your perfect two-in-one rash guard and swimsuit! Check out all our Surf Trip Essentials here!Gaviotas Surf Suit Surf Trip Essentials swimsuit black and white long sleeve
  2. Remove the fin, and use the wax comb to remove any wax. 
  3. Use the box cutter to cut a slit down the long end of the pool noodles. Do not cut all the way through, just until you hit the center hole. 
  4. Wrap the pool noodle around all the rails of your surfboard starting with the nose and tail of your board, and then cut the remaining noodles to fit the side length. Quick tip: save your pool noodles for future trips! Another sustainable alternative is Flexi-Hex.  
  5. Secure the pool noodles by wrapping duct tape around the width of your board. 
  6. Wrap your board in a surfboard cover. Then put it in a surfboard bag.
  7. Wrap your fin in soft clothing, and place it along with other soft clothing and swimsuits all around your board for extra padding. 
  8. Finally, zip up your board bag and you’re ready to go!

A few Travel and Sustainability Tips
  1. Try staying local. Look for alternatives to air travel, like taking the AmTrak train up the coast of California or using local bus systems along the coast in Portugal. There is always more to explore in your own backyard
  2. If you are flying, consider buying carbon offsets. Flying is an extremely carbon-intensive activity. Buying carbon offsets allows travelers to compensate for the amount of carbon dioxide they are putting into the environment with a reduction of the same amount through environmental action like reforestation projects, carbon sequestration, or renewable energy projects. Airlines like United and Delta offer this option, but you can also use projects like Cool Effect to offset your emissions directly.
  3. Avoid board bag fees. Airlines like Alaska Airlines do not charge you extra for a board bag!
  4. Stay in one spot. If you’re traveling far away take your time and really try to get to know one area. You do not need to check everything off your bucket list. Enjoy the moment and reduce your footprint!
  5. Wear reef-safe sunscreen! Reefs are the lungs of the Earth, and wearing reef-safe sunscreen is a simple way to keep the reef healthy. Here is more information on sunscreen and how to keep you and the ocean healthy.
  6. Shop local. Support the people who live in the places you are traveling to. They are the hearts and souls of surfing in that destination. Respect them! Here is our blog post on 5 Simple Ways You Can Be a Respectful Surf Tourist.
 how to pack your board bag {Rosie Jaffurs in the Mona, an essential part of any surf trip kit! Photo by Mike Ito}

Check out our Surf Trip Essentials collection to find everything you need for you spring break trip! 

Now your board is buckled and ready for take-off. Send us pictures from your spring break trip to @theseea on Instagram! 

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