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Sea Us Now Trailer | Seea x Textured Waves

Posted by The Seea on

Women of all shades riding waves.

Textured Waves is an online platform designed by four surfer friends, who are women of color  to serve underrepresented demographics and normalize diversity in the surf world.  We want to offer an inclusive space for every woman to feel accepted and seen.  -Textured Waves


The visual nature of Instagram has served Textured Waves well, where they are shattering racial stereotypes through an abundant gallery of technically proficient, radiant, powerful, graceful and unapologetic black and brown women asserting their rightful place in the line-up. 

Which is exactly where we came across this collective for the first time.

Last October I was on social media and I came across Texture Waves. My heart jumped of joy to have come across a diverse collective of women surfers, so I sent them a message introducing myself and Seea and letting them know that we would love to collaborate with them in any way they would be interested in.  We met the next day, it was lovely, and a friendship was born. - Amanda Chinchelli, Seea Founder

"Last year, when Seea reached out to us, an organic relationship developed. It was born out of a shared desire to seek sustainable change in surfing. In a true display of sisterhood, they opened a space for our stories and experiences to be heard." - Chelsea Woody Of Textured Waves

This collaboration has been long overdue.  We knew prior to these current events we could use our platform in a powerful way.  Our mission has always been to connect women to themselves, their community, and the planet.

I was honored to bring this project to life with them so we started to discuss logistics. It took us several months to nail down and we had many bumps across the way, but we did it, and we finished filming a week before we went into quarantine.  We came back from our trip and then we didn’t leave our houses for 3 months. - Amanda Chinchelli

And now here we are.

What feels like a lifetime away from the making of this film, the forming of these friendships and traveling to surf.  It gives us goosebumps to release this project now and yet we feel it is a necessary offering to the world.  To get in touch with our shared joy and momentum to diversify the culture of surfing, and the highest ideals of humanity.   We look forward to paving the way in the lineup and daily life with "the same grace and opportunity the ocean extends to every single person who dares to take the chance to ride her waves."

Without further adieu

The Trailer Premiere Of Sea Us Now.

Don't miss our live premiere of the film June 16th, and your chance to submit you questions to the for a live Q/A here.


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  • Thank you so much for making this film!!!! WOW! I have been a HUGE fan of your line and now- SO MUCH MORE!!!!

    nadia block on

  • What a beautiful and meaningful collaboration. All the feels !!

    Isabella on

  • Yes! Beautiful and so divinely timed.

    Lora Pavilack on

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