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A Letter From Our Founder | To Our Seea + BIPOC Community

Posted by Amanda Chinchelli on

So many events, so many emotions.

As an immigrant growing up in two different countries, Brasil first then Italy, I felt proud to have welcomed the US as a third part of my multicultural identity. Each of these three very different countries offered me an invaluable education on the best and worst they had to offer as a culture.  Each has their own strengths and flows.

I became a US citizen in October of 2015 during the Obama administration. I was so very proud, and also excited to finally be able to vote and participate in my civic duty to this country. 

I dove deep into learning about US history and the Constitution but I now realize how much I have yet to learn, and all that goes into fulling my role as US citizen.  We all have more work to do...

We Stand With You, Photo Courtesy Of Russell Brownley

My heart feels so heavy, for the lives lost, and the greatest weight of knowing that it has taken us this long to confront the social injustice of racism.  I now know this has been right before our eyes and rooted in American society for far too long.  I have also realized that mourning is not enough.

I am personally taking this time to learn and evaluate the privileged lens by which I see the world, and I acknowledge that even learning and educating myself about racism is a privilege. I am committed to taking action and facing the ugly reality of systemic racism so history doesn’t continue to repeat itself.

As an individual, and also through Seea, my hope is that we can build a stronger- than-ever community of allies for our sisters and brothers of color; one aimed at eradicating racism far past the reaches of the surf community. 

This intense movement that all of humanity is experiencing is much like our relationship to the ocean; we can only truly master it with long-term love and commitment.

Oceans Of Change, Photo Courtesy Of Russell Brownley

We the Seea family, acknowledge that we are guilty of not doing enough: from not showcasing enough diversity in our lineup and ambassadors to not being more vocal and active in racial and social justice causes, we’ve let our community down.

As an individual, mother, and founder of a business built around the human connection to each other and the sea, I want to use Seea to bring untold stories to light and give strength to voices fighting for equal representation and respect in the surf community. We have a platform already built to educate, share stories that create shared empathy, and call our tribe to action. 

I commit to educating myself, I acknowledge that I will make mistakes, and I pledge to use Seea responsibly and as a tool to shine a light on these critical issues embedded in our society and surf community. We must make progress in the fight to eradicate racism, and there is no other option.

Encinitas Unity Paddle Out, Photo Courtesy Of Russell Brownley

I know that we can hold space for these uncomfortable discussions while contemplating swell lines or catching waves.   We have a long journey to building a brighter future, but I have no doubt the ocean will be the connection that holds us all together.

- Amanda Chinchelli, Seea Founder  


*Please find additional resources updated daily on our SEEA IG Highlight reel and consider donating to the ACLU through our website, which will be matched by Seea through the month of June.*


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  • Ciao Amanda! Great to hear you made it in three different countries successfully. Keep on with the great work! Kind regards and hopefully see you soon in Brazil, Italy or USA. Take care

    Maro Bixio on

  • I am a dedicated fan of your work, and appreciate you coming forward in this moment and using your (progressive and female-centered) platform to acknowledge your white privilege, even as an immigrant to the United States. Racism is a systemic issue in the US, and although your gesture of matching donations to the ACLU for the month of June is definitely something, it is not enough to erase 450 years of subjugation, humiliation, torture, and murder. As a surfer, you naturally rise to – and surmount – challenges in amongst the waves. I challenge you in this moment to commit to doing more than donating to the ACLU through the month of June, 2020. There are thousands of organizations led by black folks that would benefit from being supported by a platform as robust as Seea’s. Why not continue donations indefinitely? Why not create a line of suits specifically where a portion of the proceeds will go towards orgs like Black Lives Matter? You have successfully done it before! I look forward to seeing more black women represented in your suits, and look forward to continuing to support your company.

    Lauren on

  • Thank you for this touching message. Yes, the ocean can unite and carry us through these tough times. You may already be aware of this great resource, but if not, The Center for Diversity and the Environment (CDE) is doing great work at the intersections you speak of in your message—race and the environment. Thanks again for this offering.

    Arwen on

  • Love this, and we certainly need more love and more importantly action to right the unbalance in the world right now. I hope that other business leaders read this post and follow your lead!

    Lee on

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