Celebrating our Ocean Loving Seea Mamas : Your Mother's Day Submissions

Celebrating our Ocean Loving Seea Mamas : Your Mother's Day Submissions

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It is often the case that the best gifts are not things that can be wrapped, but rather moments and experiences we share.  And what a gift it truly is to pass down our love for the sea to our children.

For us, though, there is no greater gift than seeing Seea on the very women for whom these suits are designed.   

 We have such an incredible community of women and we are so grateful to all of you. For this Mother's Day, we wanted to celebrate you, our Seea Mamas.  
We asked for photo submissions of you with your children, doing what you love in your Seea.  We are so honored that you would share with us these precious moments and describe to us the ways in which you share your connection to the ocean with your children, and why you love your Seea suits!


Here are a few of your submissions.

Nancy Arkin and daughter Lia

Nancy came to surfing later in life at the age of 55, but it has since been something she and her daughter are able to share together, even now that they live so far apart -  Nancy, in Santa Barbara and Lia, in Bali.

Surfing, in particular, can create bonds and connections that are unique compared to some other sports.  Sharing that connection with someone can definitely bridge a physical distance, so we asked Nancy and her daughter if the fact that they both surf has helped them feel more connected despite living so far apart. 

Nancy says, "Now with us so far apart we often will chat about a good session we had or where and when we each are surfing next.  I love seeing her photos and hearing about her adventures in Indonesia. So yes, surfing has helped keep us connected in spite of us living half-way around the world from each other."

So, even though they can't always surf together, we love hearing stories of mother-daughter duos who are able to cultivate their relationship through their shared love of surfing by simply talking about fun sessions they've had, exchanging photos, and planning trips! 

When Nancy visits Bali, Lia looks forward to taking her to one of the longer, mellower, left-points on the island.  

Nancy longboarding somewhere in the tropics

In the meantime, I'm sure Nancy will be dreaming of these tropical peelers Lia is surfing in the Mentawais - we will, too!  (video credit @chris_peel_photo ) 

Seeamama Anna Nevares scuba diving with her son Joneaux in Puerto Vallarta

Anna says, "Seriously such a cool moment as a mom was to take my 12 year old son scuba diving for the first time. Definitely a core memory made that day! I LOVE wearing my palomar rash guard diving; it provides just the right warmth and protection for a tropical dive."


Seea Mama Kaitlyn and baby girl Opal
"I live in Carpinteria, CA where Rincon is my home break and I love wearing Seea in the summer for surfing. I'm so happy to buy sustainable swimwear not only for me, but for my beach baby, Opal. She wore this rashguard all summer last year and it still fits!

Seea Mama Kaitlin and Creston at home in Florida

"I grew up in Florida among a family of surfers and sea lovers and now get to pass that love and appreciation of the ocean on to my son, Creston. It has been so fun watching him experience it for the first time. The Seea suits have helped me feel so comfortable in a suit as a new mom. "


Seea Mama Marley with daughter, Lana, who is now almost three.

 Seea Mama Katie and baby
She says "I love wearing Seea suits because of how I feel in them. The colors and styles are always cute but it's how I actually feel. Able to move around freely and not think about my suit at all. Able to be crawled on and wrestled with and enjoy it (most of the time 😉)!"


Seea Mama Ginny with daughter Milly, who is a competitive surfer!

 Seea Mama May with her daughter, who is her ultimate surf buddy!

May says , "We’re big lovers of your Seea suits! Thanks for making surf suits that actually work in the lineup!  

Seea Mama Christina and daughter Julianna Camilla
 Seea Mama Krystal with her little one about to score a wave!
Seea Mama Emilie and daughter Céleste at home on the island of St. Barthélémy in the French West Indies. 
Seea Mama Maria shredding always with husband and photographer Kuhio!

Thanks again to all of you for your submissions! 

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