Meet the Girls In Livorno - A Friendship Bound by the Sea

Meet the Girls In Livorno - A Friendship Bound by the Sea

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One might say that those of us who are drawn to the sea are kindred spirits - the innate urge we have to be near water is what initially brings us together.  But it becomes that much more serendipitous when the bonds that form from this shared attachment inspire a collective creativity, collaboration, and friendship that lasts through time and space.  And when all your best friends surf, it's doesn't take much convincing to plan a surf trip!

Seea founder Amanda Chinchelli shares this cosmic connection with a close-knit group of girls in Italy - the ocean is the conduit through which their ideas and inspiration flows.  For their latest trip, photographer Valentina Zamboni, stylist Betta Dal Bello, and Federica Sacchini, creator of Wind Little Bags, joined her in the coastal town of Livorno to share waves and soak in the sun and each other's company. 

Come with us on a visual diary of their trip as we explore what drew them to the sea and to each other:


Meet Le Bimbe

Valentina Zamboni

Valentina Zamboni @valentinazamboni_ is an Italian photographer, born and raised in Verona. Her work, primarily shot on film, allows her to express her inner world while staying close to her passion for surf and skate culture. Her images make us feel transported - she captures the human experience in a way that both calms and inspires.

Valentina says, "I love being able to show others what in that instant only I can see...I find photography a way of telling stories or emotions that words would not do in the same way."

Valentina always had a love for the ocean, but came to surfing later in life around the age of twenty-six.

She reminisces, "From there, as with all great love stories, an inseparable relationship was created, studded with joys but also with great pains.

In 2018 I had a very bad accident in Costa Rica that almost cost me my life and my leg: I severed my vein and femoral artery, I suppose with the fin of my surfboard. This clearly didn't stop me because the idea of never surfing again for fear of getting hurt was worse than the fear of getting hurt again while surfing, so I immersed myself even more and with more determination than before in this magical world: surfing has always saved my life in one way or another."

Valentina and Amanda's friendship is relatively new, but is an example of the profound connections that our love for the ocean can swiftly catalyze between us.  

Betta Dal Bello

Stylist Elisabetta Dal Bello @bettadalbello, fondly referred to as Betta, has worked in fashion for years, contributing her supreme talent to fashion magazines like Vanity Fair Italy and Italian Elle. She has brought her chic style intuition to many a Seea photoshoot, infusing her signature classic but unique and often eclectic sense of fashion into Seea’s editorials.   

She says, "I define myself as a wild stylist and free surfer. I've been a stylist and a fashion consultant for 20 years, and very early in my career discovered a love for surfing. This completely changed my mind and priorities in life. So, I'm living a constant balance between my job and my ocean lover lifestyle."

Betta's keen eye was integral to the creative direction of this Seea shoot, from finding locations and securing permitting , her playful humor is the reason why they were able to get everyone's favorite shot! 

Federica Sacchini

Federica Sacchini @windlittlebags_ started Wind Little Bags in an effort to create something useful and stylish out of the nautical debris she so often stumbled upon on her beloved beaches.

Made by hand with recycled and repurposed materials, the totes, backpacks, and other accessories she crafts are taking something that could be ugly and turning it into something beautiful that serves a purpose. Her creativity knows no bounds - her pieces utilize windsurf and boat sails, rope, netting, buoys, flip flop scraps, and other material that ends up on the beach or discarded in the marina.

"Vediamoci stasera" - Let's Meet Tonight

These women and their friendship with Amanda embody the whole reason Amanda started Seea in the first place - nurturing community with like minded creative women and laughing together through it all - what could be better?

Amanda, Betta, Federica, and Valentina have all been called to bring something different to the table, yet they have found soul sisters in each other. Their Italian heritage connects them, but their love of the ocean binds them.

Of course, not to be forgotten, are the boys , i bimbi , for their video and photography. And to Andrea Nacci for hosting at his amazing location and for the spritzes!


Words by Megan Rogers and Stephanie Villano
  • Betta Dal Bello - Styling and creative
  • Gio Sbrokked - Video and creative
  • Fillippo Maffei - Photographer
  • Valentina Zamboni Photographer
  • Andrea Nacci - Location Bagni Nettuno
  • Federica Sacchini - Creative + model
  • Giulia Ghiazza - BTS Photography


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