Legasea friendship : Celebrating 10 years with Mele Saili

Legasea friendship : Celebrating 10 years with Mele Saili

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"The day I met Mele, we were surfing Malibu and it was crowded as usual. In the middle of the lineup, I clearly remember spotting her from a distance. She was impossible not to notice... Her timeless beauty and classic surf style was mesmerizing. She looked like a Polynesian surf queen. Something clicked in that instant, and I thought to myself 'she is exactly who these suits were made for.' I was starry-eyed, and entirely unaware of the immensity of that moment of convergence in our lives: the inspiration we would reserve for one another, and the growth of a friendship and heartfelt memories that would blossom over the years. I am so grateful for Mele, not just as a fellow creative, but as a source of soul and goodness that has impacted my life in so many ways." - Amanda Chinchelli, SEEA founder and CEO 

Take a dip into the legacy friendship between Mele and Amanda that made waves from day one. The salty beginnings of this shared inspiration spans across an entire decade of memories, places, faces, and dreams - rippling out style and soul from the local lineup to overseas swells. Hear about the development and design behind the Saili one piece, the reflections on how women's surf has evolved, and the lasting impressions Mele looks to leave behind for future generations of young female surfers.



The waves we share bind us - an undeniable homage to the ebb and flow of energetic connection and timeless energy when our worlds collided. Seea honors the beautifully windswept heart and soul of Mele Saili, and everything she brings to our lives - we love you!! 

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