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Australia in Transition: Pastel Moments Between Winter and Spring Swells

Posted by Rhea Cortado on

Australia's chilly winter winds are on their way to the next continent, but the Spring flowers have yet to bloom. Seeababe Kirra Innes shares her favorite in-between moments to savor during this transitional season in Eastern Australia.

By Kirra Innes

I love the pastel winter sunsets and the offshore winds. Normally in winter we have days where you can surf offshore perfection all day long. Winter brings swell so you should find a wave without trouble, the only difficulty is finding logging waves.

Winter swells have more power to them so I find myself riding different crafts. I've recently got a new Keyo single fin for the more powerful swells. Sometimes logging isn't an option here. 

It doesn't get too cold. The coldest so far was 10 degrees Celsius, or 50 Fahrenheit, but it's not always like that. We get a lot of south and west wind here in winter, but mostly westerlies, which is offshore for us. Because of the southerlies, it makes the water clearer in winter, which I really like. Summertime, we get north winds which blow dirty water from the rivermouth south, along with cold water off of the continental shelf. 

Summer time is crazy at the ice creamery [where I work] as you could expect in a hot Australian summer, but it slows down throughout winter. This fits perfectly as the surf is normally amazing in winter, so I get lots of surfs in. The lack of crowd and an increase in swell and south winds are the perfect combination. I've just transferred over to a photography course, which I'm really excited to start. I've always enjoyed taking photos so now I can learn all the technical parts to excel in what I love to do.




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