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Just Relax!

Posted by Seea on

When it comes to relaxation, us beach girls do pretty good. A post-session sun bake is a must, and a little R&R at your favorite tropical destination doesn't hurt either! 

Back at our LA factory, we never imagined that our fabrics would need a break, too...

Strechy fabrics like spandex need to be laid out flat to "relax" before being made into suits!

Amanda looking relaxed while planning her next crazy color combination. Love the neon zippers!!
Turns out that when using stretchy fabrics, you need to let the fabric relax a bit before starting to sew. When in large rolls, all fabric is under tension, and laying it out flat allows the fabric to loosen up and return to it's original state. Giving our fabric time to "relax" is in your best interest - and will assure your Seea suit fits fabulously from day one.

We hope you enjoyed this fun-filled-factory-fact.

Now just relax & catch some waves this weekend - TGIF! 

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