Elemental Reflections:  Q&A With Videographer and Waterwoman Rachel Moore

Elemental Reflections: Q&A With Videographer and Waterwoman Rachel Moore

Videographer and Seea Sister Rachel Moore shares with us her inspiration behind our Resort 23 campaign video Elemental Reflections
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We were lucky enough to work with the talented Rachel Moore on our Resort 2023 shoot in Mo'orea, who worked double-time capturing both photos and video for this collection.

Initially taken with the stark and haunting beauty of her underwater photography, we've long admired Rachel's work both in front of, and behind the camera. When schedules finally aligned to allow us to work together, it felt right and we knew she would understand our vision. 

Rachel Moore shooting underwater // photo by Kelsey Williamson  


Living aboard her boat in French Polynesia for the last several years has helped her understand how connected everything is.  Many of us are removed from the impacts we have on the environment, but when you live on a boat that concept is no longer abstract.  A true water woman, Rachel infuses her care and love for nature into her work in a way that is apparent in every shot. 

The video she shot and directed for our Resort 23 collection, Elemental Reflections, seamlessly captures each swim piece, while artfully delivering a poignant message.

She was kind enough to share with us her process. 



First - please just introduce yourself!

I am Rachel Moore and I was born and raised in Southern California. Six years ago I sailed away from my hometown and have slowly been sailing around the world. I am a passionate diver and underwater photographer and I hope my work inspires others to get out and see the beauty of our ocean and hopefully protect it.

How did you get into photography / videography ?

    Years ago I worked on an underwater television show for the Channel Islands National Park Service. I got to dive every day and was able to take out my camera with me. I quickly fell in love with underwater photography and now that I am living and diving in clear water I can shoot almost every day. It's the thing that makes me feel the most alive and present.


    What were you trying to convey through this video -is there a message you and Poeiti were hoping to communicate ?

      The more I've learned about our ocean, the more I see just how interconnected everything is. In this video, I wanted to follow the course of water from the top of the mountains, through the jungle, and out into the ocean. What we do on land affects our ocean. Even If we live worlds away our daily actions have an effect on our planet and the ocean.


       A still of the Seea Resort 2023 Video, Elemental Reflections 

      The entire script is so moving. - At my favorite part Poeiti says "I long to be a better companion to the whole of creation "

       What does that look like for you - how do you put that into practice?

        Since I live on the water, I am acutely aware of my impact on it. Everything I flush down the sink enters the water below me. All the trash I generate I have to find ways of disposing of. I am not perfect, but I am continually trying to reduce my carbon and waste footprint. I try to leave every place we visit better than we left it and I hope my journey will inspire others to do the same.


        How can we all be better companions to one another and to Mother Nature and all Earth’s creatures?

          One of the best ways we can all be better companions to Mother Nature is by consuming less. When my grandparents were born 2 billion people were living on earth, when my parents were born there were 4 billion, and now when friends are having their children there are 8 billion. There are not enough resources on our planet to sustain us all, especially if everyone lived like the western world. When you do need things, purchase items that are built to last, made with recycled materials and that can be recycled afterward. Support companies who are working towards a more circular economy. Eat less meat. Use less plastic. And ask better questions. We need more critical thinking in our world. The more questions you ask, the more informed you will be when making your daily decisions.

          How has living in French Polynesia / on your boat influenced your connection to nature (especially compared to growing up in California)?

            I am constantly surrounded by nature and I see how my daily actions affect it. For me, it's clear that we are part of nature, not separate from it. When you are living in a busy city it's easy to think of nature as existing far away, as detached from us, but in reality, every action we take is somehow linked to nature. From what we eat, to what we wear, to the power we consume, it all comes at a cost to the natural world.

            In what ways do you connect with nature in your daily life ?

              I love to dive as often as I can and I usually try to get out 3-4 days a week. Breathing underwater is like meditation for me. It helps to slow my breathing and become more present. I love diving at the same site over and over again as each dive reveals another layer of life on the reef. After a while, I come to see the site as a neighborhood and it's easy to see how each fish, crab, and coral has its place on the reef. 

              How do you remain grounded and find balance in your life?

                Seeing how balanced life is below the surface helps me to find balance in my own life. It helps me to prioritize my time and energy. 

                Share a bit about why you love Seea! 

                  I purchased my first Seea suit over 10 years ago and I still have it today! Their suits are so unique and they are made to last! I love that the company is run by women who have our planet in mind, and I love that they acknowledge the impact the fashion industry has on our planet. Being eco-imperfect is being honest. They don't greenwash their efforts but actively work on reducing their carbon and waste footprint. 

                  Favorite Seea suits to dive and shoot in?

                    I love my long jane Sydney wetsuit and wear it almost daily with a 2mm yulex jacket over top. Since I live and work on the water, sun protection is really important to me, so I love all of the long sleeve surf suits and my Penelope Bodysuit.

                    If you have not yet watched, Elemental Reflections, or have seen the collection of photos from our Resort 2023 shoot in Mo'orea, do yourself a favor and check them out. 

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