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Building Nothing out of Something

Posted by Seea on

It's only fitting to build a visually appealing display for Seea's striking swimwear, but that doesn't mean it's quick and easy. We could go out and find something pre-assembled, "made in China" that's ready to go, but we prefer to get our hands dirty, break out the sander, and do it ourselves! This custom display for Seaworthy in Carlsbad, CA started out rough, but was well worth the work!!

An section of oak flooring (left) and nicely weathered fence door (right), salvaged from an old house in Orange, CA
After a thorough sanding, boards were cut to measure against a simple redwood frame

The colors really came together on this one - dowels & bronze flanges complete the look

Dayton and Surfy Summer check out the finished display
Thanks again to Dayton, Elise, and the crew at Seaworthy for the prime window seat! Another great example of independent folk, working together to keep up the stoke!

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