Rosie Jaffurs - Surf Instructor

Rosie Jaffurs - Surf Instructor

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Rosie Jaffurs 

Remember that slow motion high of your very first wave? Gliding on the ocean’s energy and smiling so hard you thought you’d break your face. As a private surf instructor on the North Shore of Hawaii, Rosie Jaffurs vicariously re-lives that experience almost every day through the stoked eyes of her clients.

“It just brought me a feeling I didn’t know about,” says Rosie about the happiness she gains while teaching surfing. Born and raised on Pupukea, the mountainous region above Waimea Bay in Oahu, Rosie Jaffurs talks about her paradise home with as much awe and gratitude for her lucky lifestyle as tourists passing through. She didn’t have any “locals only” attitude about her favorite spots, instead openly guiding the Seeababes with the utmost hospitality during our many visits to Oahu, where we’ve stayed on her couch too.

“When I travel to another place, I want to hang with the locals and get their experience. For me to be able to return that, that makes me stoked,” Rosie explains. Drawing upon the teachings of her mentor Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani, the famously stylish Hawaiian surfer that passed in 2013 — or as Rosie calls him, “Uncle Buttons” — the vibe around Rosie is always surrounded by fun and stoke.

Lives in: Oahu, Hawaii

Home Breaks: Chuns, Waikiki, Diamond Head, Barbers Point/ White Plains

Seea Quiver:  Capitola Bikini, Lido One-Piece

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