All around the world, Vans shoes are known as the epitome of the coastal surf and skate lifestyle. Indeed, as a kid growing up in Italy and Brazil, designer of Seea Amanda Chinchelli says that Vans shoes represented all things cool in California.

Now years later, as Amanda made her way to SoCal and founded Seea in the beach town of San Clemente, it was a dream come true to be contacted by Vans and discover that the iconic shoe brand admired her creations as well.

“I came across Seea in the Fall of 2011 while shopping at Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach,” says Vans footwear designer Lindsay White, who lived nearby and frequented Thalia’s art shows. “The guys in the shop told me it was brand new and that they were really excited about it."

Lindsay says she instantly fell in love with Seea’s unique point of view on women’s surfwear and fashionable instinct. She reached out to collaborate with Amanda for a special capsule of women’s shoes in the Vans Surf category, which offers a modern twist on classic styles for people who live a surf-inspired lifestyle. Seea joins a diverse mix of notable Vans team riders, bands and high fashion brands in Vans’ legacy of unique collaborations.

“I think I've had Vans in my closet since I was ten, so these shoes are definitely close to my heart,” Amanda says. “As my family grows and we set down our own roots in California, I couldn't be happier to work together.”

Now available at select retailers, the Seea x Vans 2014 collection uses original prints from Seea swimwear, adapted onto footwear. Here, Lindsay shares why Vans chose Seea as a partner, and Amanda explains further the design inspiration behind the new styles.

As a Vans footwear designer, what was your impression of Seea when you first saw it?

Lindsay White, Vans footwear designer: My impression of the brand was that it was like nothing I'd seen before and that it was perfect.  Of course I tried on some pieces and was very impressed.  The fit was great, the colors and patterns were unique and the styling was very fashion-forward.  The final detail that had me sold was that there was a hair tie on the tag for your next surf session.  I knew instantly that Seea was designed by women for women and to me, that was very refreshing.

What was the inspiration for interpreting Seea style into footwear for the Vans x Seea collection?

Amanda Chinchelli, designer of Seea: When I design Seea suits, I want ladies who surf to be able to feel comfortable and casual, but in a chic and elegant way. For this Vans collaboration, I chose feminine pastels with added flairs like metallics and bright accents, all with the same type of surfer girl in mind.

Why did you think that Seea was an ideal partner for a Vans collaboration?

Lindsay: I thought that Seea was the ideal partner for a Vans collaboration with the women's surf category because we were both making unique product for women by women.  We were both addressing the needs and desires of women to live a surf and beach lifestyle.  Seea also had amazing color blocking and prints on the suits, which are two design characteristics that Vans footwear has always been known for.  It just felt like a great match.  

What kind of girl did you envision wearing the Vans x Seea shoes and how?

Amanda: This girl is adventurous and loves to travel, so I wanted her to be able to pack just three shoes in her luggage, and have all the bases covered on her next surf trip. With a sandal, a flat, and a cool moccasin, all you need is some jean shorts, a maxi skirt and a couple of tops, and you're set! Together with a lovely bikini, rash guard, and a few Seea surf suits, you can stay stylish all day long, in and out of the water.

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