Mele Saili 

Lives in: Pacific Beach, San Diego
Home Breaks:Tourmaline, La Jolla Shores for fun logging waves. Pacific Beach Point and Sunset Cliffs in the winter.
Seea Quiver:Hermosa one-piece
Passions:Music, drawing and painting
Surf Rituals:“I wake up, sometimes after pressing snooze on my alarm about three times. I’ll play some Bob Dylan before I get dressed then sort through my Seea bathing suit quiver. I think it’s harder for me to settle on what I’m going to wear in the water rather than actual clothes. Then I’ll make some coffee while I wait to get the surf report from a friend. I’ll surf for 1-3 hours depending on the waves. Afterwards I’ll usually stop by a café for some breakfast. Then ride my bike to work.”

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