Jenayl Peters 

Lives in: San Diego, California. Grew up in Newbury Park, Ventura, California.
Home Breaks:C Street, Leo Carrillo, San Onofre.
Seea Quiver:The Leucadia, Hermosa, Riviera. “A huge style of my surfing is inspired by the surfing and styles of the 50s ad 60s. Seea touches those roots with such respect to these styles and wearing them is almost like an inspiration to me. When you can feel this way when you surf, it brings out the best for the session.”
Passions:Thrift store shopping, hiking, baking, sailing.
Surf Rituals:“I am always on the go. Usually my boards are in the car and suits are packed for the day in case I surf straight out of school or work. I keep an apple or a granola bar on hand for energy or a snack before. Afterwards, let's be honest. Mexican food tastes the best! I love a fresh smoothie too for a perfect refresher. I am a big fan of most tunes, but mostly I am a country fan! Also love the oldies they always put me in a good mood. Now if Mele and I are going out though, we tend to get funky and the music gets real.”

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