Honoring our surfcraft companions that bring us so much joy and the shapers who lovingly create them, Seea Surfboards is a new collaborative project with our favorite shapers.

This seasonal surfboard series unites Seea’s signature elegance and the uniquely graceful aesthetics of respected California-based shapers personally connected to the Seea family. Each custom one-of-a-kind surfboard shaped by hand is a true work of art.

The first one-of-a-kind custom surfboards in this series are by Christine Brailsford of Furrow Surfcraft who won us over with her grom-like stoke, humble attitude and minimalist aesthetic.


Furrow x Seea

Specs: 5'6" x 20 7/16" x 2 3/4" round nose twin fin fish featuring custom fabric inlay

Details: Combines the California fish template blended with a full stubbie round nose. It is a board to have fun, is easy to ride and has a skatie feeling for typical days in Encinitas and North County San Diego, where Christine grew up surfing.  




Furrow x Mele

Specs: 6'4'' x 21" x 2 7/8" single fin stubbie featuring hand-painted art by Mele Saili

Details: V-bottom with hull nose entry and tucked under edge.  The wide point is behind center, which brings the pivot point closer to the tail.  This lets you turn the board easier, with more subtlety and grace — both are characteristic of Mele's style.




About Christine:

As one of the few women who have answered the calling to shape surfboards, Christine Brailsford infuses a feminine finesse into the contours of every surf craft she creates. Christine’s passion for sculpting started with wooden paipo belly boards and wooden hand planes about five years ago.

She transitioned to carving foam at the special request of a friend. After shaping her friend a 6’0” stubbie single fin and a 5’9” for herself, it was like catching a first wave high all over again. “I had found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” Christine says about shaping. “It was a feeling like I had found the beginning and the end of it all.”

Today she continues to sand down wood and make surfboards under the names Whomp handplanes and Furrow surfboards, respectively, and is most-likely seen with a Corgi named Ted that she co-guardians with her fiancé Manuel Caro of Mandala surfboards in Leucadia, California.