Reducing Environmental Impact: Fabrics & Manufacturing

Seea is a celebration of waterwomen, and the ocean is our temple.

Swimsuit production is an intricate, messy, and polluting process. Making choices that protect valuable resources of land, air and water is simply the right thing to do.

The first step to reducing our environmental impact: choosing recycled fabrics. We’re proud to introduce three recycled fabrics throughout our 2018 collection, with more to come.

Repreve Recycled Polyester/ Spandex

Made from recycled plastic bottles (RPET) which has the same chemistry as virgin polyester fiber used to make swimwear. Repreve is the only traceable yarn that can evaluate how many plastic bottles were used in the production of a single garment.

Econyl Recycled Nylon/ Spandex

Made from regenerated polyamide fibers, such as reclaimed nylon fishing nets, recycled nylon carpet fluff, yarn discards, and fabric scraps that would otherwise end up in a landfill or our oceans.


Recover Upcycled Cotton/ Recycled Polyester

Made from upcycled cotton and recycled plastic gathered from fabric scraps and discarded clothes. None of the water and toxic chemicals (like pesticides) used to make conventional cotton are needed to create Recover cotton.

Looking ahead to the future 

No system is perfect, or 100% sustainable, but we’re doing our best to make informed decisions about fabric choice based on the social and environmental ramifications of its production.

Right now, a few of the fabrics we use are still made with virgin nylon or polyester fibers. These include all of the special textured jacquard fabrics and C-Skin. We’re working now with fabric mills and talking to new fabric suppliers to replace these fabrics by 2019 and beyond.

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