Spring 2021 Yulex Collection

Spring 2021 Yulex Collection

Spring 21 Yulex Now Available!  Learn about our plant-based neoprene replacement and snag a limited edition "Find Your Porpoise" print by Mele Saili.
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Carefully crafted women's surfwear that's better for our planet and its people; that's Seea's purpose. This is why we are always so excited around this time of year because we are now pre-selling the newest line of sustainable Yulex wetsuits! 

What is Yulex, you might ask? It is the 100% natural rubber alternative to your traditional crude oil-based neoprene. That's right, we can ditch this devastating habit for chemical-free, high-performance, and sustainably harvested rubber!  

Pua Yulex Wetsuits

Leah Dawson +  Hallie Putting The Purpose Into Our Pua Wetsuit Collection

 Photo : Garrett Byrum

Not only does Yulex provide excellent warmth, comfort, and stretch in the water, it also cuts up to 80% of its climate-altering CO2 in comparison to polymer. Certified under the Forest Stewardship Council's watchful eye, the careful extraction of this rubber from the Havea tree preserves the land's biological diversity, while also supporting healthy and thriving local communities, land stewardship, and renewable resources for years to come!

50 Limited Edition "Find Your Porpoise" Print Gift With Purchase Of Any Yulex

While we are finishing sewing this season's plant-based neoprene, our very talented (in the water and out) Mele Saili has handcrafted a limited run of signed + numbered "Find Your Porpoise" Lino Block Prints!

Find Your Porpoise

Signed + Numbered "Find Your Porpoise" Limited Edition Lino Prints By Mele Saili

With only 50 available this limited offering is a sweet little 5" x 7" artwork that is a gift with purchase of any Yulex.  Meant to grace your walls as the water temp rises, the days grow longer, and your Yulex wetsuit finds its way to your door!  

This Season's Yulex Lineup...

The Sydney 2mm Yulex Long Jane In Pua

Sydney Long Jane Yulex In Pua

"The most comfortable and practical long jane I've ever worn. Yulex is a natural, non-petroleum-based rubber, which tends to be on the stiffer side compared to other neoprenes, but the Sydney Long Jane is stretchy and forgiving, and comfortable enough to surf in for hours." - Gabriella Auon, Surfer Magazine 2020

This Seea wetsuit favorite provides the right amount of core warmth and protection for cooler days. With darting at the waist to form a snug and flattering fit, this suit's an all season love-affair that pairs well with The Haze Jacket.

The Haze Jacket Pua

Haze Yulex Jacket In Pua


New to our Yulex women's wetsuits, this jacket features dropped underarm panels to reduce paddle friction and a high seamless collar to protect from flushing—the perfect pair for your Long Jane or over your swimsuit to protect from wind chill.

The Sunset Spring Suit

Sunset Spring Yulex Wetsuit Pua

With top-down sun protection, this long sleeve spring surf suit has an easy front zip entry. Finished with a seamless high collar to minimize flushing and eliminate abrasion, this suit compliments our curves and is our go-to for added warmth!

Last but not least...

The Ocean Yulex Surf Cap Pua

Ocean Yulex Cap In Pua

Our first ever Yulex Surf Cap slips on easily with a continuous chin strap. Complete the kit and keep your ears warm, eyes shaded, and the hair out of your face with our 2mm Ocean Cap.

Purposely suited Seea products as with all of our sustainable offerings are limited.  Including Mele's beautiful Porpoise prints!

Shop our full collection of women's Yulex wetsuits here, or learn more about the process below!

*Only The First 50 Orders Of Yulex Will Receive Mele's "Find Your Porpoise Prints". Snag yours before they're gone!*

Yulex Wetsuit ; Warmth, Fit, + Care Guide

Why We're Leaving Neoprene Behind

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