Women Led Wednesday | A Celebration Of Seea

Women Led Wednesday | A Celebration Of Seea

"Rising tides lift all ships." A celebration of Women Led Wednesday and our founder Amanda Chinchelli.
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"Rising tides lift all ships." While we celebrate and elevate women of the sea, we are thrilled to also support female leaders—those independent, intelligent, and inspired hustlers by lifting up Women Led Wednesday.

Most notably, our magic sea maven, and Seea founder Amanda Chinchelli.  As we've sat down to reflect through the years, and create the Retrospective Collection, the mantra is much the same.  All paths lead us back to the sea. 

Ten beautiful years.  Founded for women of the sea.

A complex and heartfelt journey.

A decade of growth,
our truth is the same.

Every season leads us to the sea.

Connecting to the true nature of ourselves,
and one another.

Grounded in this journey,
and grateful for what lies ahead.

Seea's design + production team.  Amanda Chinchelli - Sabina Sauce - Sonja Andersen.  Photo : Luki O'Keefe

Seea team heading to our version of a board meeting.  Photo: Luki O'Keefe

"To continually create surf and swimwear that our community can confidently wear as a means for joy and self-expression, and help crack surf culture-wide open, using our professional and personal values." - Amanda Chinchelli

And we continue that mission everyday, alongside our small passionate team.  From the designs you wear, the words you read, and the carefully packaged order you receive in the mail, we'd like to support our fellow females in this endeavor.

What Is Women-Led Wednesday?

"Women-Led Wednesday is inclusive of all women, cis-women, trans women, non-binary, genderqueer folks and beyond who are working towards a gender-balanced economy. As more and more women are stepping up, we want to help grow and support their initiatives, elevating more women (and those who identify as women) into leadership positions."

Why Support Women Led Wednesday? 
"If we shine the spotlight on female leaders, more women will become empowered to be leaders themselves.  Thought leaders.  Business leaders.  Philanthropic leaders, and so much more"  The power of our support makes big waves in what we see reflected in our communities, our economy, and our planet.  Check out their Women Led Directory to discover more women owned, or give them a follow on instagram!

For women of the sea, and by women of the sea! Photo: Luki O'keefe

We'd also like to express our deepest gratitude for our ever-growing community.  Your support brings these purposeful products to life in the line-up and across the globe.  We celebrate every seed of inspiration, every photo we see, and every new friend we make with each purchase!

XoXo- Amanda Chinchelli + The Seea-ster Hood

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