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Seea Wins 2 SIMA Awards!

Posted by Amanda Chinchelli-Greer on

A Letter from Our Founder

Hello to our beautiful Seea community, 

We at Seea are so proud to have won two SIMA awards last week. For those of you who are not familiar, (SIMA) is the Surf Industry Manufacturer Association. Every year, our surf industry peers nominate and vote for brands to win awards in 19 different categories that celebrate outstanding innovations and contributions made to the industry. It was surreal to even been nominated next to extremely big and established brands.

We took home trophies for “Women’s Swim Brand of the Year” and “Breakout Brand of the Year,” marking the first time that a women’s brand has won the latter all-around award. 

As founder of Seea, I want to express extreme gratitude to everyone who supported us in this journey. I founded Seea because I saw a lack of true representation of women’s beauty in the surf industry. Our long-sleeved swimsuits, stylish rashguards, vintage-inspired designs, and even the way we portrayed women (absolutely never T&A shots) created a new category in women’s swimwear. Our brand has always been dedicated to water women of all kinds who seek to play with confidence and elegance. And we are proud of all the hard work to get where we are today.

These awards are dedicated to every person who believed in us. We are a self-funded “small” company driven by the passion for surfing and creating beautiful things that empower women. As we grow and evolve, we hope to be more than just a swimwear company. We would love to inspire and support the ocean and outdoor community, encouraging uniqueness and camaraderie, while the same time, we all need each other to be one.

We try our best to make excellent products in the least impactful way for the environment, but this is not an easy road and not perfect by any means. Sustainability has been a new, yet high priority focus and direction for us during the past few years and as we look to the future. We invite and encourage you, our best fans to comment, advise and criticize us. It is the only way we can evolve in this complicated journey. These suits are made for you—so tell us what you think!

At the awards ceremony, I mentioned that I would love for all brands—especially the ones who we call “competitors”—to come together and collaborate so we can push our supply chain in directions that conserve natural resources and protect our environment.

Last but not least, I would love to dedicate these awards to our factories here in California: to all the sewers who work so hard and all the immigrants of this country who work hard—especially the ones who are struggling to keep their families together. 

We can’t wait to show you what we have coming out for this year and beyond.


Amanda Chinchelli

Founder, Designer & Creative Director of Seea

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  • Congratulations to you on a well deserved accolade! Your brand is so inspiring and is something that I share with my daughters. The three of us love to surf, scuba, free dive, snorkel and play in the waves together and we love cool cute surf wear. We all have different bodies and style but we all love your brand. Your suits look great on me (54) and my daughters (22 and 24). Keep it up! I share your brand with EVERYONE. Aloha and mahalo!

    Andrea Salmi on

  • Cowabunga Amanda & Seea ladies! That’s congratulations in surfjibe… U rock aloha. Jeannie M.👋

    Jeannie Martinson on

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