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We are pleased to introduce surfer, fashion illustrator, and Seeababe: Natalia Resmini. Hailing from Ventimiglia, Italy, Natalia has been happy to be Amanda's "partner in crime". Sharing sessions together around the world, from San Onofre to her hometown beach, just twenty miles from the French-Italian border.

"I spend my time travelling and surfing, creating illustrations for the Italian and international press. My art tends to be dreamy, sexy, and colorful. When I paint or draw, I like to imagine others enjoying what I create. I’ve painted nearly everyday for almost 15 years now - It hasn't always been easy to make a career out of art, but for me painting is truly a primal need."
"Surfing is a dream. It's an exploration of ideal and beauty. It helps me to concentrate and to be determined. There is a link between tracing lines on paper, and on the sea. Both are amazing sources of inspiration for me."

"The Hermosa suit is my favorite suit. When I surf with it, I feel like the Queen of the peak! What other suit can make you feel this way? Amanda is one of my favorite women in the world. She is beautiful, glamorous, generous, creative and very positive. We met at the beach one summer about 9 years ago - the start of a great friendship! Since she moved to the states, I miss her a lot, so I come visit whenever I can!!"
"I love to do sketches and watercolors, with inspiration drawn from everyday life. I particularly like portraits - when the paintings come out well, I feel like a magician! It’s an “Alchemy” of sorts, a mysterious process of extracting the quintessential nature of the subject, which leaves me very connected to the both the portrait, and to the interesting people I meet."
"My home spot is amazing - the swell there is not consistent, but when we have waves, they are full of poetry. When there are no waves in sight, I like to fly to Morocco – it’s close to Italy, and the flights are cheap and fast. Arabian culture is fascinating and Morocco is truly a place of dreams. Spending time there has given me new tools to work with artistically as well, the food is amazing, and the waves, too!"
"I believe everyone is the architect of his or her own life! Mine is not yet as balanced as I would like, but I cannot complain. Travelling to less affluent countries has given me the chance to compare and understand my life. I feel very lucky and grateful for what I have been given, and for what I have chosen to build with it so far."

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