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The Magic Of Mycology

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 The Ripple Effect is back for a full digital exploration of the wonderful world of fungi! From a new frontier for sustainable practices, superfood properties, and easy to grow unsung heroes of our universal ecosystem. Mushrooms genuinely are magical organisms. 


Get inspired, spread the word, support your health, and maybe even grow your own.



"Mycology is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi, including their genetic and biochemical properties, their taxonomy and their use to humans as a source for tinder, traditional medicine, food, and entheogens, as well as their dangers."

Food First!

From local farmer's markets to supermarkets, mushrooms are readily available, easy to grow, super delicious, and VERY nutritious!

We'll share a few of our favorite recipes in rotation...

Try a relaxed summer staple of Lemon, Garlic, & Thyme Mushroom Linguine here.
Or this creamy vegan miso soup with mushrooms here

With a low carbon footprint of .5kg per POUND (thats a lot of mushrooms) it's a protein packed, versatile flavor thats healthy for you and the planet!


Adaptogens + Medicinal Mushrooms

Let's quickly forget that these fungi are fabulous for the planet AND in pasta to touch on adaptogens.  You may have heard this word floating around...

"Adaptogens are a group of herbs and roots that help the body resist and recover from physical, chemical, and biological stress."

The wellness community hails certain fungi extracts as superheros in regulating the endocrine, nervous system, immune, digestive, and cardiovascular function.  With a long history of medicinal use, recent research is showing mushroom as a vital tool to combat diseases like cancer and Alzheimers.

Find a Chaga hot chocolate recipe here or pick up a tincture of your choice!

Chaga Hot Chocolate Via Ascension Kitchen


Grow Your Own

The satisfaction of a self harvest!  Marvel at the magic of pink oyster mushrooms, discovered the crab-like "meat" of Lions Mane, and impress yourselves with the rapid high yield of Shiitake.  With just some low-light and a few veils of mist, you can be a master farmer of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms!


Shop for your families mini farm from Far West Fungi here!


Get Inspired With Fantastic Fungi

Did you know that mushrooms breathe? That they seek companionship through their root systems, mycelium and function as a communication system between trees and other organisms of the natural world. What about the fact that they can organically be used to clean up oil spills, and heal the human body.

If you've never given fungi much thought, prepare to be amazed! This documentary's filled to the brim with remarkable footage and an awe-inspiring crash course in mycology. Shwartzeberg's passion for fungi woven into every fiber of the film, and it's infectious!  

Fantastic Fungi, is now available to rent and stream directly into your home!  

Fantastic Fungi Trailer 


The Magic Underfoot

Apart from nurturing a healthy ecosystem, a low impact pollution solution, and the makings for a delicious meals, mushrooms are an unexplored frontier of epic proportions!  

Let's keep looking to nature for nurture and return the kindness!


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  • Mushrooms are so underrated, thank you for sharing the brilliance of the fungi kingdom!!

    Emma on

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