Southern Hemisphere here we come! Welcoming Leana Rack to the Seea family!

Meet our new sales ambassador in Australia, Leana Rack in the San-O! Photo by Nathan Oldfield. 

The first time Leana Rack skimmed across the water on a longboard, her body’s innate nature took over.

“You feel like you have done it all your life but you just got to the water in that moment,” describes Leana — a classically trained ballerina — about her first feelings of surfing. “It’s already in you,...
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Meet our new sales ambassador in Australia, Leana Rack in the San-O! Photo by Nathan Oldfield. 

The first time Leana Rack skimmed across the water on a longboard, her body’s innate nature took over.

“You feel like you have done it all your life but you just got to the water in that moment,” describes Leana — a classically trained ballerina — about her first feelings of surfing. “It’s already in you, that movement, that motion with the wave and your surfboard.”

Though Leana began surfing later in life, her awareness of the earth, bodily grace and self-assured intuition easily transformed her into being captivating natural water dancer. On land, Leana parlays her sense for style into her own fashion agency, Prism that now represents Seea in Australia! We were won over by Leana’s beaming personality and like-minded values to build Seea’s relationships with the best-fitting stores in the Southern Hemisphere.

Leana instinctually moves. Photo by Nathan Oldfield.

Leana’s home around Byron Bay at the most eastern tip of Australia is akin to many parts of coastal California and the people who live there: world class point breaks and alternative wavecraft riders, wild national parks to explore and tight knit surf beach communities dotted along the coast.

From ballet dancer in the city of Melbourne to surf fashion on the coastline, Leana shared with us her journey and why she loves to call Australia home.

Leana's favorite sign.
Watego's Lines rolling in.

What's the surf culture like in Australia? 

Beach life and ocean activities are ingrained in our culture here. Surfing has grown exponentially and surf culture has always been a huge part of Australia’s identity. What is especially beautiful is that the number of women surfing has expanded so much, and the female surfer — that traditional “surfer girl”  — has gained a much stronger presence in our ocean community with a more sincere appreciation.

What's Byron Bay’s style and your community of friends there? 

Byron Bay has a unique and breathtaking setup with Arakwal National Park surrounding Australia’s most easterly lighthouse. On the eastern side known to locals as “the cape,” are two beautiful point breaks and some of the most perfect longboarding waves in the world, the Pass and Watego's Lines. On the western side is an endless stretch of long beach breaks and stunning headlands.

My friends here are my family and we are a connected group of surfers, artisans and passionate humans. They continue to inspire me and enrich my existence. My lady sliding friends and I work on projects together, support each other’s creative journeys, passions, joys, and strive to protect that which is precious to us, especially the ocean. Most recently Lauren Hill, Chrystal Fitzgerald, myself and a group of dedicated and brave local women produced The Vagina Monologues to raise monies for an organization called Assist A Sista that provides homes and safe havens for women and children who have been subjected to domestic violence and other highly traumatic situations. We raised $23K for them in one night! It was incredible!

Leana shops at the local farmer's market. 

How did you first get into the fashion industry?

I grew up in a small town on the mid-north coast of New South Wales (NSW). I spent most of my earlier years until the age of about 25 in the dance world. After completing a specialized BA in Dance/Drama at Deakin University in Melbourne, I was practicing classical ballet, contemporary dance, choreographing dance works and dance modeling.

After living and working overseas and also in Melbourne, Victoria, I moved back up the coast to have a quieter existence and be closer to family and nature. In the North Coast of NSW, I worked in sales for a small boutique label and then furthered my studies at Tafe NSW in Fashion Design and Technology. Having extensive skills in garment construction and fittings, I became the fit model for a local women’s surf brand. I continued to work at the brand for a number of years in sales, marketing and administration.

Now I have just set up a small fashion agency called Prism and will be Seea’s Australian and New Zealand representative. For me, the joy in creating relationships and my love for beautifully constructed garments has led me to where I am now. A deep passion and love for the movement, and beauty in life is always translated into my working environment.

Photo by Nathan Oldfield.

How did you get introduced to surfing? 

I did not surf as a kid as my mum was a ballet teacher, hence my career in the dance world! But, I had always loved and lived near the sea even in the city, and I feel like I always knew that one day I would have the chance to connect to the ocean on a much deeper level. It was not until I moved to Byron Bay that I had my first longboard hand-shaped and hand-painted for me by a friend that I began my journey as a surfer. Humbling and precious, I will never forget those first few moments like starting a new relationship. I finally got the chance to dance upon the sea!

Leana's gets ready for a surf. Photo by Nathan Oldfield.

How is surfing part of your life?  

The ocean and surfing for have become an innate part of my life. For all the things that the sea has taught me about myself and shown me — I am steeped in gratitude. To be able to be completely connected and present is such an incredible gift. It is a sacred place to be, just like yoga.

[Like yoga,] there’s no outcome, there’s no one looking. There’s nothing in it other than your own relationship and reflection of time that you have with yourself. Just to be in the moment and have no expectations of the moment will always reveal the path and changes in your body or skills at some point. If you keep doing something you can only incrementally improve. I think the joy is doing it without that expectation.

Leana at one of her favorite point breaks. Photo by Nathan Oldfield.

What does surfing give to you? 

Surfing has changed my life on so many levels. For me the sea is like a big amazing mirror: she reflects you, so in that way it is a place of healing, absolute joy, devotion and respect. It allows you to be completely connected to nature and the earth’s natural rhythm and breath. Surfing is also really really FUN. I love riding a traditional log and love the feeling of being in full trim, such an amazing feeling!

Byron Bay sunrise. 
The Hinterland in Byron Bay at dawn. Photo by Nathan Oldfield.
Lennox Head, one of the famous surf breaks around Byron Bay, Australia.

Why is Byron Bay special and what are your favorite places? 

I feel like I live in a part of the world that has a real beauty and sacredness. Incredible nature, surf breaks, yoga, designers and the most incredibly conscious food and health community. So amazing and I also share my life with amazing friends.

The Pass (Palm Valley) at sunset would have to be one of my most special places, a longboard wave that peels forever and a sunset that takes your breath away. My absolute favorite place in the world here is a secret, hahahaha.

Leana's outdoor office. Photo by Nathan Oldfield
Welcome to the family Leana! Photo by Nathan Oldfield.

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Shop Leana's favorite suit, The San-O! 

Shops interested in carrying Seea in Australia may contact Leana Rack at

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