Sidewalk Surfing with Cindy Whitehead

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When sports stylist Cindy Whitehead hit us up a few weeks ago about writing a short article on Seea, we were humbled and stoked! Blazing trails since the 70's, Cindy became one of the world's top women pro skateboarders at age 17. She later went on to become an innovative and successful sports stylist, lending a much needed female perspective to the profession. We love these early shots of Cindy getting rad, so we had to share!!

Cindy gets cheeky on some classic California concrete
Amazing full pipe shot
One footed nose wheelie

Cindy hits the tiles backside with a stylish rail grab 

Cindy on Seea:

"I've lived at the beach my whole life and not much surprises me when it comes to women's surfing whether it be wetsuits or swimsuits. But when I stumbled across this awesome new line SEEA, I was stunned. The retro styling, the attention to fabric & fit, as well as the cool print patterns, had me in a second."

To find out more about Cindy and her amazing work, check out her blog, or visit

From Seea with love,

Thanks Cindy!!

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