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Seea x Yulex Wetsuits Warmth, Fit, and Care Guide

Posted by Rhea Cortado on

Our newest wetsuits are made in the most environmentally-friendly and responsible way possible—without sacrificing an inch of beauty or performance. 

To help you select the best wetsuit for different water temperatures, find the best fit, and how to care for your wetsuit, we've compiled this handy guide. 

What size should I get?

Our suits run true to size—but keep in mind that the Yulex natural rubber is extra-stretchy for the best flexibility and body-molding comfort. It may be stretchier than other neoprene suits you’ve tried on. The suit should feel snug because it will loosen up a little while you’re in the water.

To view our size charts: 

US Size Chart | UK & Australia Size Chart | Japan Size Chart | Europe Size Chart 

How to Wash Your Wetsuit

We recommend rinsing off with clean water after each use and using mild biodegradable soap—after all, everything washes into the ocean. Fold it in half on a hanger and dry in the shade for the longest life. 

Still got questions? Email for the best fit advice! 

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