The Ripple Effect | The (Caring) Gift Of Motherhood

The Ripple Effect | The (Caring) Gift Of Motherhood

Finding hope in things that seem impossible, that is a mothers special courage.  This installment of The Ripple Effect is for you.

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Finding hope in things that seem impossible, that is a mother's special courage, and after now months of 24/7 togetherness.  Never again will any member of our family question what it is a mother does all day.

The patience required. How you find ways to endure AND entertain.  How you act, preserve, and nurture that which remains no matter how difficult the task, or how many times you are defeated. 

It is what we do, and it is who we are, but we are many.  We surround your life as Caregivers, Surfers, Matriarchs, Business Owners, Teachers, Grandmothers, Nurses and the list goes on…

Because you have long been the keepers of the most precious aspects of our lives, and you have been selflessly doing it long before the world realized how delicate this experience truly was.

So please enjoy this tool kit, resources below, and treat yourself to some support and self-care. For those of you separated from your matriarchs and mothers we are sending you a hug.  Many of us are as well, and we’ve never wanted to give one so badly, but we encourage you to pass this along.

We hope it offers you a sliver of support, and an opportunity to care for yourself and one another.

This edition of the Ripple Effect is for you.


Design Your Own Suit! - Coloring Page Download Here

This custom - printable shred Seea sister is designed to offer you a creative release and an activity for all ages.   Keep your minis busy, create side by side, and share your custom designs with Seea by tagging us on #SeeaMomSurfClub !



Water People | Lauren L Hill + Helena Norberg Hodge

"We evolved in intergenerational communities, closely bonded to the land, to the plants, to the animals around us.  Instead of being dependent on distant, anonymous institutions and businesses, we depended on one another in human- scale structures and institutions.  Localism taps into the deep need of community and a sense of place." - Helena Norberg Hodge

Water People Pod Cast

In this episode of Water People "Our Local Futures"

Catch the whole episode here, or on your preferred source of podcast streaming for some quality conversation.


On Being | Krista Tipett x Sylvia Boorstein What We Nurture

This beautiful conversation hosted by On Being features Sylvia Boorstein the Jewish Buddhist Psychotherapist that speaks from her acquired wisdom on worry, meditation, motherhood.

If you're finding it hard to carve out an hour to listen, you can still treat yourself to this 2 minute "Loving Kindness" guided meditation, offered by Sylvia Below.

Self Care

Homemade Coconut Hydrating Hair Mask Here
To combat our love of the sea, this hair mask helps deeply condition and repair any damage we inflict.  This recipe is easy to throw together, keeps well in the fridge, and takes about 3 minutes to apply! 

8 Simple Turmeric Face Mask You Can Make At Home Here
This secret beauty weapon has a wealth of benefits including being rich in antioxidants, gently exfoliating, reducing pigmentation, and fighting inflammatory conditions.  Find a wealth of applications to support and care for the largest organ of the body, your skin!



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