Rhythm of One: The Real Trip

Rhythm of One: The Real Trip

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For our 2020 Collection, we flipped the cameras to face our behind-the-scenes family. The women in these photos make Seea come to life every day and care relentlessly. 

We care about every human we work with, from our inner circle to our manufacturing family to our retail customers. We care about where things come from, how they’re made, and their impact on the planet. We take it all personally because we’re not just making suits. We want to help bring the supply chain in harmony with nature. And we want to inspire women come into harmony with themselves, with their communities, with the earth. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the tunnel vision of to-do lists and details. But when we slow down, we come back to ourselves and feel our connected power with the earth. We feel the magic that’s hiding in the great underneath.

We departed for Hawaii and Mexico to spend a few days together in the sand and saltwater, reminding us why we do what we do. Running deeper than surfing itself, we reflected upon the common values that unite our spirits in ways that bleed into everyday life. Here’s what we learned about each other and we hope through sharing, we feel connections with you too.

Humble Optimism

We are guided by humility. Always learning. There is no final version. 

“We need each other to make change happen. We need to break the rule that women need to compete with each other, to look better, to be better. We need to cheer for each other because it’s too hard if we don’t.” - Amanda Chinchelli, Founder

“I was very fortunate to grow up in a very out-of-the-box household. We saw the Dalai Lama speak and attended meditation retreats. I grew up hearing Mahatma Gandhi quotes as our guide in our lives. There is one that I always think about and that is, ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’

I started to travel the world at a young age. This taught me so much and I grew up a lot faster than kids my own age. After high school, I didn’t feel the need to go to college because all I wanted was to travel and grow more by seeing the world. Eight years later I found myself living in Puerto Rico, still needing more. At 25-years-old I decided to enroll in college because if we stop learning we don’t grow. I wanted to push myself beyond being self-taught, to educate myself with a degree and set an example for my future children.” -Carly Rabjones, Sustainability Sourceress

Rhythm of One

When we act like we’re connected, we become more connected. There is no progress without collaboration.

“I have a new-found appreciation for the family that we’ve grown at Seea over the years. I’ve always felt very connected to all of the girls but traveling together really highlighted our care, concern, and admiration for one another. Traveling with these girls while pregnant was particularly special, as their constant check-ins on my water consumption, help with heavy lifting and genuine concern for min (and the baby’s) well-being were so comforting and heartwarming. So much love for these ladies!” - Sydney Trigg, Inside Sales and Shipping Manager

“I like working in an environment of creative female minds that all share the same love for the ocean. I feel most happy when I was catching waves. My heart was exploding in my chest, and my level of energy was rising up!” - Giulia Bacci, Graphic Designer

“I see a lot of inspirational quotes about how women need to support and uplift one another. I am fortunate to be part of this small community where those ideals are built into the company culture. The dynamic between all of us ladies in the company is so overwhelmingly positive that we couldn't really imagine it any other way; It’s our “normal.” - Summer Nelson, Wholesale Accounts Manager

Wabi Sabi 

Beauty in the imperfections. This creates diverse expression, inviting diverse perspectives to join us.

“This whole trip was 24/7 bonding with amazing women. We got to have deep conversations and share hilarious memories that we will always remember. I love surfing. It takes away the pressure to be perfect while doing what I love most.” Kaila Patterson, Warehouse Babe 

“It was inspiring to be around different people on this trip because it introduces you to new ideas and new mindsets. It makes traveling very exciting because it becomes a different experience and broadens your horizon. Surrounding myself around different people I have learned a lot about how I handle situations. I have learned that you need to be patient and understanding when around new people with unique attitudes. I learned that it is very important to listen and allow people to feel respected and understood, before speaking your mind in order to get the most out of a conversation.” - Kennedy Cusato, Social Media Coordinator


We know who we are and we wear it out loud. This means confidence on the journey and making products that enable you to be in the moment, connected.

“I learned the real meaning of ‘good team.’ I learned how good energy and good thoughts can reflect on your body too and make you feel better. With positivity you can realize and face everything.” - Betta dal Bello, Stylist

“I felt most vulnerable being photographed. I felt happiest surfing. A big confidence boost came from our nightly sessions of going through the photos and having everyone hype each other up. Hearing Betta say "Wow" was a huge confidence boost.” Piper Graber, Warehouse Worker

“I find that the days that I am most confident mentally, I surf my best, and have the most fun. Gaining confidence in the ocean is what helps you make those sections that you wouldn’t make if you doubted yourself. Being comfortable and happy in what you are wearing totally affects how you surf, too. When I first starting surfing, I would alter and wear my little brother’s wetsuits, because the selections of wetsuits for women use to be SOO bad. I personally was never into those old suits with floral designs in turquoise and hot pink colors, LOL. This is why I am so grateful to be part of a company that provides great options for women surfers.”  - Sonja Andersen, Production Coordinator

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