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Natural Partners: Seea x Oshan Essentials

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Integrity of the process, connection to nature, and a celebration of the skin you're in. Seea, in collaboration with Hawaii's Oshan Essentials, is proud to present a wellness collection of beach beauty must-haves formulated explicitly for the ocean minded.

Seea x Oshan's Exclusive Beach Beauty Must Have's

"Formulated for women of the sea, to quench dry skin and counter the cumulative effects of sun damage. OSHAN oils are luxurious botanical blends that nourish and rejuvenate skin into glowing health and sublime softness. Our natural ingredients are known for their restorative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties. They increase elasticity while revitalizing and nourishing dry and sun-damaged skin, delivering nutrients deep into the skin." - Shelley Lee, Oshan Owner.


Shelley the heartbeat of the botanical beauty at Oshan

Shelley is the owner and expertise behind the botanical beauty present in every aspect of Oshan Essentials-care remedies.  Each product is handcrafted in small batches without toxic additives, and only pure, organic, wildcrafted, and ethically sourced ingredients are used. 

"I wanted to create something that I needed and could not find. Thoughtfully sourced, simple yet luxurious products to heal sun-drenched souls." - Shelley 

Oshan Essentials is handcrafted off the road to Hana.

Located on the north shore of Maui Shelley has built the Oshan facility on her 7-acre farm where it harness’s the sun for power, rain for water, and the manufacturing process is 100% carbon neutral.

Shelley at her carbon neutral Oshan facility, a whole ingredient workshop.

"Through Oshan, I strive to combine my passion for the environment and love of mindful living. I would like to inspire people to consume better, sustainable products, slowly changing our global consumption concept, one person at a time. It is incredibly satisfying to help other women, many of which are my muses- surfers who spend long hours in the sun- and to better their lives with my product line." - Shelley

This exclusive Seea x Oshan offering is purposefully presented to nourish and protect both the skin and hair from environmental stressors brought on by salt and sun. These simple self-care remedies are both grounding and glow-inducing.

Seea x Oshan Limited Edition Run

Working hand in hand to conceptualize, formulate, and test this exclusive run of remedies, we've collaborated on a selection of products that are both grounding and glow-inducing. Explore below.

Kahakai Facial Cleansing Oil

Kahakai, cerulean blue cleansing facial oil

This cleansing oil is made with a delicately blended formula of balancing whole-plant extracts, moisturizing organic oils, and refreshing essential oils work together to not only purify the complexion but to soften, plump, and restore precious skin cells. Kahakai means beach, seashore, seacoast, seaside strand—the place where we feel most at home.


Holokai Hair Restoring Oil

Holokai all botanical, aromatic hair repair

This hair oil is made in a refreshingly aromatic oil blend that prevents breakage from dry locks and tames salty frizz before or after beach waves. Holokai means seafarer; to sail on the sea; sea voyage or cruise, inspired by our spirit of adventure.


Hoku After Sun Bliss Balm

Hoku Sun Balm, a staff favorite for on the go glow

The Hōkū After Sun Balm is perfect as a restoring daily moisturizer or used as needed to reduce peeling and free radical damage caused by long days in the sun. Hōkū means star, inspired by our awe for the universe and the subtle glow


Complete Self Care Kit, Packaged In A Recycled Poly Rais Case Bag + Reusable Hemp Applicator

Pick your favorite or shop our self care kit, the perfect accompany to your daily ritual, or on the go self care after your session. 

This limited offering is a true collaboration to our shared community, and the result of like-minded women fusing sustainable practices into purposeful products.



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