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Meet Your Model #1 - Heather

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In this new blog series, we'd like to introduce you to the Seea Babes themselves! Our models are real girls who surf, eat actual food, and love to goof around in the water!! Both guys and girls agree, we've got some pretty cute models, so here are some fun out takes from our Spring photo shoot of our first and most famous Seea Babe, Heather!

Yeah, she's pretty cute! 
Top photo by Brett Hillyard - Bottom row photos by Aaron Checkwood.

Selected as "Miss Transworld Surf" in 2008, Heather is no stranger to the camera. A talented surfer, fun to hang with AND super cute, Heather is our "dream girl" in more ways than one!

SEEA: How was the Seea shoot different from shooting for Miss Transworld?

H: To be honest, it was completely different. That was a bikini shoot, and we travelled down to Tulum with all the Transworld guys... they brought their own karaoke machine, so we were pretty much partying for a week straight, then getting up and putting on enough makeup to look pretty. The Seea shoot was awesome - we were just surfing and playing - it really didn't feel like work!

photo by Aaron Checkwood

SEEA: How do you deal with getting in front of a camera with a bikini on?

H: I think it just comes as second nature for me, just because I grew up on the beach - I feel more comfortable in a bathing suit than most clothing! Modeling for bathing suit companies is fun, but most of the suits you end up in aren't suits that you would usually wear - they're pretty, but they're just not functional!

SEEA: What's your favorite Seea suit?

The Swami's is definitely a favorite, but the new long sleeve with the sweetheart top is amazing!! I love those suits because you can surf in them, and they're so cute, and so different from anything you've ever seen on the beach!

Heather looking lovely in the new Hermosa long sleeve suit, coming in June!

SEEA: SoCal - Love it or leave it?

H: Southern California is awesome. We have the beautiful beaches, the best waves, and some of the coolest people. I absolutely love it!

SEEA: Can you please explain how you managed to break our washing machine?

H: I don't know! (Laughter) I have this magic "un-technological" touch where literally half of the electronic stuff that usually works, in my hands, doesn't!! I just thought it was on an extended rinse cycle or something... I'm so sorry!

SEEA: Give us five quick facts about yourself.

H: Hmm... Ok here goes!

1) I have broken over six phones.

2) I avoid going to the doctor at all costs. I hate them! They're scary and they're never nice.

3) I want to my honeymoon to be on the island of Madagascar.

4) I'm obsessed with Lemurs.

5) I've had the same piggybank since I was five years old. The whole top's been sawed open in multiple places to get money out... I'm pretty sure as of right now there's zero dollars in there... Hold on... There's some change in here... Probably about 75 cents!!

Rich with friends, but short on cash. So goes the Seea Babe life!!

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