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A Letter From the Sea: The Women and the Wind Explore Brazil

The Women and the Wind reunite to sail and explore around the archipelago of Ilhabela, Brazil. They ran around the jungle, splashed and surfed in the crystal blue water, played with the local dogs, and explored boatyards all with their Seea swimsuits, one pieces, and jumpsuits in tow. Follow along on their journey!
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 The Adventures Continues...

The last time we saw the ladies of Women and The Wind, they had just completed their incredible North Atlantic crossing.  Craving another adventure together, the girls met up in Brazil to road trip and sail their way through some of the country's most idyllic coastline. 


Words by: Kiana Weltzien

 Women and the Wind road trip fiat Brazil Ilhabela sailing bikini color blocking Retro vintage

The Fiat Uno Mile, the best road trip companion. Photo by: Alize Jireh


We were all stuffed into my borrowed Fiat Uno Mille, with camera bags, suitcases, and food packed to the brim. And a dog, just for the extra company. It was still dark outside. It must have been before 6 am, and it was winter in Brazil, so luckily, no one would be asking to use the nonexistent air conditioner for at least another hour or two.

The trio was back together again after one year apart. The last time we were together we were somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean on our 30-day crossing. It was hard to believe that so much time had already passed since the most incredible month of our lives. It felt like home to be back together again.

  brazil Ilhabela Swimsuit bikini colorblocking fiat roadtrip ocean Women and the WindThe Women and the Wind Girls with their Fiat admiring the ocean views through the jungle. Photo by: Alize Jireh
Our little road trip took us along the Rio-Santos BR-101 from Ilhabela to Paraty, with a mandatory stop in Ubatuba on the way, known as Brazil’s surf city, so Laerke could catch some waves at Praia Grande. For the last bit of the ride, we entered a nature reserve, where lush greenery canopied over us, teasing us with stunning views of the ocean and lush rainforest islands. Laughter was our soundtrack for the entire trip.
 Brazil Ilhabela dog surf roadtrip Yulex wetsuit colorful green ocean
Laerke and their road trip companion Buda!  Photo by: Alize Jireh
The reunion with Mara Noka, our boat, was a sweet one. Laerke and Alize hadn’t been aboard in nearly an entire year, and I had been gone for a couple of weeks, so being there, all of us together again, was very invigorating. I believe that wood stores energy, making wooden boats special. Being on board, waves of memories from our time in the open ocean washed over us. 
Most of our time in Paraty was consumed by capturing footage, interviews, and other tidbits for our documentary. We floated between different anchorages, each more unique than the last. One had a beach lined with different colored fishing/tourism boats in various stages of repair. It was a simple yet well-equipped boatyard, the most idyllic working environment one could ask for.
Ilhabel Brazil red color blocking swimsuit one piece body suit Nazare
Admiring the view in the Nazare bodysuit and Lido one piece.  Photo by: Alize Jireh
Another bay, which was empty between dusk and dawn, until tourists would arrive for the day, had a couple of spooky abandoned houses on the beach. The perfect backdrop for Alize to experiment with her photography. This beach also had a hiking trail over the mountain. Walking through a rainforest with bare feet on red earth surrounded by the sounds of birds and thousands of insects brings an incomparable joy.

Ilhabela Brazil dogs swimsuit shorts bikini color blocking vintage retro

Finding new friends in the Emma Shorts and Ellie Top.  Photo by: Alize Jireh
The most convenient of the anchorages, though, is a famous stop-over for cruisers and liveaboards, called Vagabond Beach. So fitting. The boaters who call this anchorage home set up a water tank, hoses, and shower from the spring just above the beach. Salt, sun, sand, and a spring water shower… what more could we ask for?

 Ilhabela boatyard Brazil bikini vintage color blocking retro 90s orange blue

Lifejackets hanging in the eclectic boatyard.  Photo by: Alize Jireh

Three weeks came and went all too quickly, and just like that, the girls were off again and I was left alone at home, on Mara Noka. Weekly meetings, working on the documentary, and an undying connection keep us in close contact. Still, there is nothing quite like sitting on Mara Noka’s planked deck together watching a sunset, or sharing a meal, or enjoying a nice fire…
With love, Kiana




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