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Labor of Love

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Letterpress has been around for a long time now - since the year 1440 to be exact - but like many other artisan crafts cast aside by more efficient processes and machines, letterpress printing is a true art, which when mastered, produces goods of quality, unmatched by the mainstream printing processes of today.

Our hangtags are made by Mr. Colt Bowden. You can watch a video Colt working on his antique press here

We punch and rivet each tag by hand. As you can imagine, this also takes some time. It's pretty mindless work that goes over best with a buddy and a beer.

Brian and Kris knocking out a few hundred tags!
The final product, complete with a hair band for your next surf session! 
All told, Seea's letterpress hangtags serve the same purpose as all other hangtags. They display our logo, let you know where our products are made, and will be marked with a price tag from your favorite local retailer.

To us, however, they have become a small symbol of our beliefs, and represent another chance to support a small business owner in the pursuit of their own art. Truly they are out-of-the-ordinary everyday objects.

Our sincere respect and thanks goes out to Colt Bowden, for his dedication to a lost art, and his support of our efforts to manufacture our own dreams. 

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