Just Add Salt - Camp Cooking With Seea's Own Sydney Trigg

Just Add Salt - Camp Cooking With Seea's Own Sydney Trigg

Opting to hit the road towards your favorite break for winter swells?  There is one thing we all need after a good session . . . Sustenance.  Seea's own Sydney Trigg shares trick and tips!
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As the weather cools and the lineups become less crowded, many are opting to hit the road towards their favorite break for winter swells.  Some of these special places require a little planning.  Whether you are camping in the van, pitching a tent, or just heading out for a full day at your favorite spot, there is one thing we all need after a good session . . . Sustenance.

Seea family member Sydney Trigg talks us through some of her favorite outdoor cooking hacks and recipes.  

Sydney, Kyle, + Ford Trigg, and their vacation home above.
What's your favorite part about cooking outdoors?
"Taking my time and making do with what I’ve got. Without fail I always seem to forget to pack a key ingredient! Making it work with whatever I have on hand is sometimes challenging but always rewarding when it turns out great. Everything tastes better around a campfire anyway."

Trigg Glamping Gourmet

The Staples:

  •  Large Cast Iron Dutch Oven 
    • One-pot meals are ideal for camping, and necessary for the recipes below.  Make soup, stew, bake, whole roast a chicken, etc. We love endless possibilities.
  • One Great Knife
    • Sharp and sheathed.
  • Sustainable Cutlery
    • We’re all about eating with our hands, however some meals require a little more finesse. Keep these in your camp cooking kit and always be prepared for what’s on the menu.
    • Potholder or Thick Leather Work Gloves
      • Hot Pans = Hot Hands
    • Salt + Pepper
      • This classic combo brings out the best in almost everything.
    • Chosen Cooking Oil
      • We love plant-based cooking oils that can withstand the heat. Try avocado oil for added omegas and mellow flavor that works with whatever you’re making.  *Bonus - Once you clean your cast iron, a little wipe of oil on the surface will ensure its ready for its next course.
    • Cutting Board
      • Chances are you’re gonna need one.  *Bonus - Also doubles as a charcuterie board for snacking.
    • Plates
      • Bamboo plates are a great option as they are cost effective, light to pack, and easy to clean.
    • Abrasive Pot Scrubber
      • Cast Iron Rule Number 1 = Never use soap! The oils your pan gathers during the cooking process eventually creates a non-stick surface.  A little abrasive scrubbing and a quick dry at clean-up is all it really requires.
    • Head Lamp
      • After sunset cooking can get a little shady without one.

      The Recipes


      Campsite Flour Tortillas 

      Want to up your taco game?  These handmade tortillas take a bit more effort but are guaranteed to impress both your tastebuds and camping buddies alike.


      • Tortilla Press
      • Skillet or Griddle
      • Mixing Bowl



      • 4 Cups All Purpose Flour
      • 1 tbsp Kosher Salt
      • 3/4 cup Vegetable Oil or Other Cooking Fat
      • 2 Cups Hot Water



      1. Make the dough

      Pour flour and salt into a large mixing bowl. Whisk the mixture while you pour in the oil very slowly. Continue whisking until all of the oil is mixed in (a few mins). Flour will remain grainy but will clump a bit. Work the dough with your hands while adding the hot water, little by little. Don’t burn yourself! Stop kneading when the dough is smooth and only a little bit sticky. Cover and let rest between 20 min and a few hours. Take your time, you’re camping! Dough is ready when fluffy but not sticky 

      2. Form the tortillas

      Shape the rested dough into balls a little smaller than a golf ball. Roll between your hands to compact it. Recipe should make around 24 dough balls. If you have time, let balls rest for up to 1 hr. If not, skip! Using your hands, a rolling pin or a tortilla press, shape the dough ball into a 6-8in tortilla. Be sure to use a floured surface or line your press with a plastic bag - great way to reuse a shopping or produce bag. 

      3. Cook and enjoy!

      One by one, place your flattened tortillas onto a pre-heated griddle or skillet. Cook the tortilla for 30 to 60 seconds on each side, flipping when it puffs. If the tortilla is developing dark brown spots, turn down the heat. Store in a warmer or wrapped in a dish towel. Enjoy with the rest of your meal around the campfire!

      One Pot Stew

      Want to warm up from the inside?  Nothing beats stew after an early evening paddle out.  Make a big batch, you’ll want seconds.


      • Dutch Oven or Large Pot
      • Heating Source
      • Grate






      • Salt & Pepper + Any Additional On Hand Herbs (thyme, oregano, etc.)
      • Any & All Veggies. Carrots, Celery, Potatoes, Stewed Tomatoes, Corn, Beans, Onions, etc. 
      • 4 Cups Chicken or Vegetable Broth
      • Bacon, Chicken, Sausage or a Combo Of Them All. Opt Out For Veggie/ Vegan Stew.
      • Pasta, Rice or Beans



      1. Heat dutch oven over coals or grate on fire pit

      If using, season meat with salt & pepper meat and cut cut into cubes. Add into pot and brown on all sides. Remove when done. Add a bit of olive oil and saute chopped onions and garlic in the bottom of the pot.

      Optional, but great to deglaze the pot with beer (or broth)and scrape up the bits from the bottom of the pan. 

      2. Add in broth, meat, carrots, celery, tomatoes, herbs and S&P. Cook covered for 30 min-1hr depending on how hot your fire is. Stir once or twice throughout the process. 

      Toss in cubed potatoes and continue to cook for 20-30 min.

      3. If adding corn of pasta, throw in 15 min before serving.

      Serve into bowls and enjoy!


      Dawn patrol got you yearning for something delicious?  This classic, no fuss, cinnamon roll recipe pairs great with coffee, sunrise, and is easily sharable.  *Also makes for a great campfire dessert.


      • Dutch Oven
      • Tin Foil


      • 1 Pack Cinnamon Rolls
        • Pre Made Or Your Own!


      1. Heat coals on the firepit or in a stump chiminea

      Line dutch oven with balls of tin foil to raise cinnamon rolls off of the bottom of the pot  Add layer of tin foil and place cinnamon rolls on top.

      2. Cover with lid and place on top of 10-15 coals. Add another 10 or so coals on top of the lid to ensure even heating. 

      3. Cook covered for 15-20 min or until cinnamon rolls are cooked through and golden brown.

      Add icing and enjoy around the campfire for dessert or in the morning with a cup of coffee!

      Dutch Oven Cinnamon Rolls

      Wait... Did she say stump chiminea?

      This is advanced even for the seasoned van life.  Tell us more...

      "My husband, Kyle, is one handy and resourceful man. After we had cleared an area of our property we found ourselves with a years supply of firewood and more stumps than we knew what to do with. The stump chiminea came to life from a bit of boredom and a chainsaw. Now its our go-to! "

      The Trigg's signature Stump Chiminea


      Which leads us to our last topic...

      Fire Safety!

      In order to protect our natural spaces, it’s ALWAYS important to exercise proper fire safety.  Here are a few guidelines to follow when getting “Fired up!” in the great outdoors.

      • Make sure you are at a site that allows campfires.
      • Make sure there are no burn bans and it's not too windy.
      • Dig a pit away from overhanging branches.
      • Circle the pit with rocks.
      • Clear a 10-foot area around the pit down to the dirt, removing anything that could catch on fire.
      • Stack extra wood upwind and away from fire.
      • After lighting, throw the match into the fire.
      • Never leave a campfire unattended; an adult should supervise the campfire at all times.
      • Keep a bucket of water and shovel nearby.
      • Never put anything but wood into the fire.
      • Do not pull sticks out of the fire.
      • Do not sit on the fire ring or rocks around the campfire. They will heat up quickly and they'll stay hot for a long time.
      • When it's time to put the fire out, dump lots of water on it, stir it with a shovel, then dump more water on it. Make sure it is COLD before leaving the campsite. If it's too hot to touch, it's too hot to leave!



      Trigg Family Memories + Meals!

      The most important tip:

      Don't forget to savor every moment!


      Seea + Sydney



      Stump Chiminea is absolutely brilliant!

      Stump Chiminea is absolutely brilliant!


      Gotta hit the road soon! I love the smell of campfire in my hair!!

      Gotta hit the road soon! I love the smell of campfire in my hair!!


      Love these simple, fun camp recipes!

      Love these simple, fun camp recipes!

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