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Introducing... the Hermosa Swimshirt!

Posted by Amanda Chinchelli-Greer on

Imagine the heavenly choirs singing, widest smiles from ear to ear, and arms thrown up in the air with double shakas joy when the first person cut off the legs on a pair of jeans and made them into shorts. That's the magnitude of excitement we have for our newest arrival: The Hermosa Swim Shirt! The flattering sweetheart neckline detail from our beloved Hermosa playsuit is now available on a rashguard for aquatic sun protection and stylish beach wear.

The torso length on this swimshirt is just like our rashguards—a bit longer than the standard fare out there, so that if it naturally rides up your hips as you paddle and twist around, your tummy's still covered.  
Hermosa swim shirt in red twill. 
Hermosa swim shirt in slate stripe.

Featured in the Japanese magazine, "Flower" for its Summer beach issue! 

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