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Introducing Lola Mignot

Posted by Rhea on

We met Sayulita local Lola Mignot in Mexico on a surf trip earlier this year and fell instantly in love with her young, fun energy in the waves, worldly cultural perspective and friendly smile. It wasn't long before we returned to Mexico to shoot the Spring 2014 lookbook with the Seeababes from California and welcomed her to the family!

Lola is lucky to have the longboard-friendly waves of Sayulita be her home break and to have traveled around the world with her family. She recently scored her first cover shot in Foam Symmetry magazine's September 2013 issue, so we caught up with her while she was in town to participate in the Malibu Surf Classic Women's Longboard Open tomorrow to find out how it felt when photographer Nick LaVecchia delivered the news.

Lola Mignot makes her cover girl debut on the front page of Foam Symmetry magazine.

Age: Turned 15 on the 4th of September
Born: In Paris.
Has lived in: Tahiti, in my sailboat, and Mexico
Parents are from: My dad is half Argentine, half Spanish, and my mom is from France.

How did you feel when you heard your photo was going to be on the cover of Foam Symmetry?  

Well, Nick [Lavecchia] told me "I have a surprise for you..." and I thought, well, what is it going to be? So he told me to check his Instagram and I saw the picture and he was like "yeah, that's the cover!" I was like, "wow, really?" I had never seen the picture and it was so pretty. I told my mom and she was so happy!

Photo by Nick Lavecchia. 

What do you love about surfing at your home waves in Sayulita?

It's the best. It's just like hanging out with everyone, except we're in the water! We have fun, take party waves and push each other around. Everybody sings in the water... I love it!

What surfers have influenced and taught you the most?   

All the surfers in Sayulita have taught me—especially my brother, my cousins, and my coach Israel. They're always there to help me and point out how I can improve my surfing.

What are your future plans for surfing contests and travel?

I'm going to the ISA Longboard Championship in Peru this month, and hopefully on to Australia with my friend Karina. I'd like to compete and travel more, so I'm looking for sponsors who could help me with that.

Are you excited about the Malibu contest?

Yes! I'm so happy that they invited me!

Graceful goofy. Photo by Nick LaVecchia.

To see Lola in action surfing around frequent spots in Mexico, check out the videos below.

Diosa De La Costa from Quality Peoples on Vimeo.

Lola Mignot, Sayulita, Nayarit , Mexico from higher latitud(Sayulita) on Vimeo.

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