In Retrospect: Reflections From The Early Days

In Retrospect: Reflections From The Early Days

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As we continue to dive back into the archives for our 2022 Retrospective Collection releases, we asked Heather Rosenthal (an original Seea model and surf babe who was part of our very first photoshoot) for a nostalgic touch on the past - and how much things have changed in her world, and in ours, since then:


Defining a culture while simultaneously creating it is near impossible. Seems like it's been just a long slew of ordinary days over the past ten years filled with sandy beds, point break waves and the quest for carbs....

In those early days, we had to be early birds, sans coffee addictions, in search of a dry wetsuit after realizing our bathing suits had been left out in the cold night air. It was no wonder we didn’t need coffee yet! Then the race to San-o began, praying for no line and glassed-off waves. 

As of yet there were no diaper bags, car seat buckles, sunscreen with non-nano zinc, and endless puréed snacks. There was less stress and less depth to life. Definitely less planning. Just us, our boards and *fingers crossed* wetsuits. 


When we met Amanda it felt like she knew us and knew what we needed and how to style it best. And she did. We were stuck in a world of vintage suits that would never quite fit correctly and modern suits that never stayed in the same place. As a surfer and designer, she understood how to make a product that met the demand for function and fashion. 

We just knew we were getting suits that looked different from anyone else’s. We didn’t know just how successful her mark would be on the surf industry, an industry that was already saturated with men who demanded women look sexy even while surfing. We had no idea this would be the last time we’d have to pull a suit from our crack after a big wave or wipeout. 


While most brands take a slow and steady descent into authenticity, Seea has always been true to its values of inclusivity, creativity and humble beauty. Amanda not only made fabulous and unique surf wear, but she let us into her home. She mentored us and believed we were remarkable. In the past ten years we grew up, now we have careers, families and have defined our own paths. Amanda was a container for fresh and nurturing soil and we were the seeds ready to grow. Just look how we have all blossomed. 

Reflection written by: Heather Rosenthal



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