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Hilsy and the adventures of Lady Gata

Posted by Seea on

"Good things come in pairs"

Thought we were done with Jersey? Seea's East Coast expansion continues today with the announcement of a fresh new face covering the great NE.

Please meet Hilary Barret. "Hilsy" has got to be the funnest, quirkiest human we've met in awhile, and we think she's great. Here she is in a nice set of self-edited photos and words:

"Hi! My name is Hilsy and I’m a worshiper of the sun, a sucker for all things fashion, and a part of a rather killer blog, which tactfully combines these past times (sneak a peak! My charming boyfriend, darling kitten Olive and I currently reside on Jamestown, a 9-by-1 mile long island nestled amongst many other small islands in the state of Rhode Island."

Hilary, Lady Gata, and some fine surf hardware

"I’m a relative newbie to the community that is surf, though my BF has made sure I’m up on the game of who’s who and the importance of leaving the goon cord at home. However, my devotion for killer threads has me more interested in the gear, which brings me into cohorts with the raddest co. of women’s suits, Seea! I’ve been an advocate for the onesie for forever and can’t wait to throw on Seea’s Bolinas this summer! I’m so stoked on the impending summer sunshine in Rhody and sharing the Seeababe lifestyle with the East!" 

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