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Happy Pride: We Celebrate all our Surfers in The LGBTQIA+ Community!

Pride Month is a time to celebrate, reflect, and connect! Happy Pride Month! We are so thankful for the vibrant, queer surf community and all the inclusivity and joy that radiates from them. We want to highlight some of our favorite queer surf groups. Check them out down below!
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Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈 Surfing is for everyone! We're grateful for our Seea community, brimming with vibrant, caring, and ripping surfers who support each other. At Seea, we aim to foster a space where everyone feels seen and supported. We support the LGBTQIA+ community and thank all the queer folks on our team and in our community. Thanks to all who make our lineup welcoming, inclusive, and brighter! Let's continue pushing to ensure surfing embraces everyone. ❤️

We want surfing to be as open and inclusive as possible; Every session is better with a big and loving community, where everyone feels accepted and seen. In honor of Pride month, here are a few awesome Queer Surf groups to support, join, and appreciate! If you're queer (or an ally) and are looking for more queer folks to surf with or you're queer and have always wanted to try surfing, check out these groups! They are doing incredible work on the beach and in the lineup to queer the water and create space for LGBTQIA+ folks in surfing. Follow these queer surf groups on Instagram and find queer community in and out of the water.


Benny's Club— @bennysclub


Benny's Club is a queer surf collective based in NYC. They host surf related events all over the US on both the East and West Coasts! Follow them for queer surf meet-ups, queer surf exhibitions, creative events, music, surf lessons, and more! Become a Benny and find incredible people and queer community with Benny's Club.


Queer Surf— @queersurf 

Queer Surf is a group of nonbinary, trans and queer folk dedicated to queering the lineup. They have been based in California since 2016 and were started by former pro Kyla Langen. They host queer surf camps, film screenings, nature and water based educational events, gear swaps and more! They are your go-to California based queer surf collective! 


The Lavender Lineup— @lavender_lineup


The Lavender Lineup is a community-based surf club dedicated to BIPOC and queer folk in New England. They host queer and BIPOC surf meet-ups, screenings, and skate events. If you're on the East Coast, check out The Lavender Lineup!


Queer Surf Club— @queersurfclub


Queer Surf Club is trying to shave our oceans through creating an inclusive lineup. They want everyone to have equal access to the ocean. They host queer surf events, meetups, and are striving to foster a loving and open community in the water. Check out their Surf Pride in June! 


Dream Team Surf– @dreamteamsurf


Dream Team Surf is creating community in the water worldwide. They host queer surf and skate meetups, happy hours, surf and water education courses, and more! Their content is so uplifting! Follow them to find amazing community in and out of the water.  


We are so thankful for all the work that these groups are doing to queer the water and make surfing a more inclusive and welcoming community! See you in the lineup! 

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