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Seea presents "Generations"

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We’re proud to present Seea’s latest film series “Generations.” This collection of snapshots celebrates the many ways women enjoy the same ocean playground through evolving stages of their lives.

From living completely in the present, to pushing past their fears and boundaries, teaching their daughters what they learned from their mothers, and reflecting on how they came to live their dreams—no matter the pivots and shifts in the journey of womanhood, the sea is our constant companion. 


Rosie Jaffurs, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, Naia Homcy, Leah Dawson, Sierra Lerback, Jeannie Martinson, Jennifer Binney, Rella Binney, Luluhia Leleo Babe Blomfield Kane, and Leleo Winter Peach Hi'ilaweanuenue'ewekau'iamealoha Blomfield Kane.


“Mornings are my favorite thing. If I miss the pink sky in the morning, I’ve blown it.” First in the water, Seeababe ambassador, surf instructor, and surf nanny Rosie Jaffurs’ daily routine is spent a few square miles between the mountains to the sea on the North Shore of Oahu. It’s surprisingly pared down and simple, yet abundant with what’s most important in life. 

Ka Makuahine "The Mother"

After a long career of professional surfing, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy committed to redefining a motherhood that revolves around the sea and a healthy lifestyle in tune with the earth. She, along with the nurturing Mama Ohana community on Oahu, band together to water their little sprouts with the endless lessons of learning, play, and reverence gifted by the great Pacific. 

The Surf I 

In moments of time expanding in slow motion to quick spikes of energy, this session was our entire wondrous world in a bottle. We had no expectations—except being thirsty to start the day rinsing off in the saltwater. Then the sun shined ever brighter, the wind never shivered that it was time to paddle in. The waves just kept rippling through and we were here together.


Paddling through powerful seas that demand acute awareness, Leah Dawson feels closest to bliss when her gaze is down the face of a wave twice her size. The higher the stakes, the deeper the meditation to listen to her intuition—this challenge is what propels Leah closer to the source and becoming one with the ocean.

Ka Mea’ike "The Experienced"

"It just kind of happened that one day you wake up and you’re living your dream.” Jeannie Martinson had humble goals: to live a healthy, active life near the beach and be involved in her community. Decades later, she reflects that little by little, she ended up exactly where she wanted to be.

The Surf II

White foam or a clean green crest, our toes curling over the nose or gliding on our bellies, first wave thrill or our daily medicine, however we are playing in the sea, it’s in the dreamy and delightful present. 

Ka Hanauna "The Lineage"

To navigate her children through the journey of growing up, Jennifer Binney and her husband draw upon to the teachings and values of Hawaiian culture and her husband's ancestry. The canoe and the surroundings of their island home—the tides, the stars, the currents, the wind—become metaphors to teach their daughter Rella about life’s important lessons.

I Ka Wae Hiki Ma "The Future”

Meet Luluhia Leleo Babe Blomfield Kane. Raised in a family with seven siblings (the 4th generation in her 'ohana (family) to be raised on the North Shore of O'ahu, Hawai'i) and dozens of cousins, their backyard playground is as far as the azure horizon. Luluhia confidently paddles out into head-high swell that would give some parents butterflies, but her mother Macy watches from the sandy shore with her little sister, assured that the wisdom she’s imparted will navigate Luluhia to joyful fun peaks and safely through turbulent currents. In her eyes, the future is limitless. 

The Surf III 

“Being a woman today is fascinating because we are paving a new way of thinking for women. When we’re young, we imagine that anything is possible. And as we grow older, our goal is to maintain that same vision that anything is possible, that we can ride any wave that we want, in any way that we want, that there is no right way, only what’s right for ourselves.” - Leah Dawson


Agency: Togetherness

Creative Director: Mark Tesi

Director: Russell Brownley

Cinematographer: Bryce Johnson

Water Cinematographers: Bryce Johnson and Russell Brownley

Editor: Matt Lawless

Color: John Carrington

Music: Marmoset, James Younger

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  • I love the wholesomeness of what Seea is about. I love the elegance your swimwear has brought to the girls/women out in the waves. I love your generational vimeos, especially ‘Jeannie’, who represents the quiet grace and humbleness the older women bring to the ‘lineup’. There aren’t many surf/swim products that can span the generations but the Seea costume on ‘Jeannie’ looked elegant and fun. I’m an ‘older woman’ who took up surfing after I turned 50 & I can’t get enough of it! (I recently had to travel for my daughter’s graduation, (4hrs away) of course stopping for a surf on the way, only to find an anxious txt waiting for me telling me I wasn’t to go surfing or I’d miss the graduation!!! ) My husband has been surfing since he was 10 so I’m often the one hasseling him.
    Love your product. … x p.s. my daughter bought me the San-O One Piece – Nopal… looks even better than in the pics it
    Thank you for making such a beautiful product.
    Regards Kerrie (Coffs Harbour Australia)

    Kerrie on

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