Factory Fact #3 - Green Spaghetti

A look into how Seea makes Spaghetti for swimwear.

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Making green spaghetti is not as hard as you think! Here are the ingredients you'll need to make your own batch:


1) 1" wide roll of your favorite color stretchy spandex

2) Old school elastic strap machine, AKA "the pasta maker"

3) Ruler & scissors

4) Good tunes!!

Mint green spaghetti - our favorite!!

As you can see, the process is pretty simple: Cut and unroll the fabric in an empty box, feed it into the machine, and out comes your pasta! This ingenious little device has a separate pickup in the back for the actual elastic strap, and in one smooth motion, the machine wraps the spandex around the elastic and sews it in place - pretty neat! All you need to do afterwords is measure and cut the straps to the right length, and you're done!!

Spaghetti comes in all colors - another factory fun fact brought to you by SEEA!

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