Factory Fact #2 - Markers & Patterns

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Making swimwear isn't easy!

If you've ever tried your luck with a sewing machine yourself, you probably already know that working with stretchy fabrics can be a nightmare. The seams are difficult, and working out a good pattern can be pretty tough.

Since you need an accurate pattern to replicate a design, it's important that the patterns are done professionally, and that the factory is provided with a guide, or "marker" to cut the patterns pieces. It's also important that the markers are laid out efficiently to minimize fabric waste. The marker is printed on a large plotting machine and laid out over the top of the fabrics to be cut.

Before and after shot - The marker laid out & the cut pieces ready to be sewn. 

It's pretty cool to see a skilled worker in action. Equipped with a large, motorized "straight knife", an experienced cutter can slice through hundreds of layers of fabric at the same time. Here's a quick clip of our man in action, cutting out pieces for the samples of the new Polkadot Swami's! (coming to stores next week!!)

It's amazing to watch a design come to life, and it's a great feeling to know where our clothing comes from. It's a long, hard process, and there's plenty more to share, so tune in next week for another fun-filled Seea factory fact!

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