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Connecting Consciousness | Part 1

Posted by The Seea on

This season Seea celebrates the fluidity of human nature, expressed through the joy of movement.

Movement, our inner knowing, like a tide that takes us into focus, tells us about our direction, and offers up aim. How gracious a gift of body and everything below the surface responds to this desire... the need of muscle and bone to take the shape of something- turning, twisting, pointing into a direction of a place beyond the here & now, a change that happens because we choose to move towards it.

Connected Consciousness, encourages the adult child to find themselves and the environment around them.   In a world forever changing, we learn to hold no fixed shape, pour ourselves into what we love, and connect to the vibrancy that moves within us all.

Enjoy Part 1, and stay tuned for more!


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Seea's Spring 21 collection is a space for playful patterns, glowing hues, and grounded earth tones. This inclusive collection is formulated for comfort with ethical materials that allow and encourage maximum movement.
It is made for every age, shape, and all genders (dropping soon) to encourage the wearer to feel the power of adaptation.  This visual series and small-batch collection is a joyous offering of hope and chromaticity, from our hearts to yours.


Still Photos: Lucrecia O'keefe | Gradients: Kailah Ogawa

Filming: Jack Coleman, Jimmy Jazz James

Creative Direction/ Production: Amanda Chinchelli 

Editor: Madison Isbell

Makala Smith
Sabina Guruceaga
Sonja Anderson
Piper Graber

Music: Monster Rally

Graphic Design: Kailah Ogawa

Surfers: *Alphabetical*

- Sonja Anderson - Brian Bent - River Covey - Rashid Clifton -

- Leah Dawson - Sabina Guruceaga - Jaz Harris - Makoa kaleiki Ho -

- Gabriella Kohr - Tara Franz - Eva Levy - Tom F. Lower -

- Erin (Worm) Meza-Ashley - Merry Ngyuen - Kandi Patterson - 

- Alisa Prestie - Hallie Rohr - Mele Saili - Brenden Sepe

- Makala Smith - Kim Wright

Archival Footage | Learning Through Movement
by Barlin, Paul; Barlin, Anne Lief

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  • I love this 70’s retro vibe!

    Lacie Kipper on

  • I love this! The suits look so vintage. The surfing inspires me.

    Jacilee on

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